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Foreign Language Foster Student's Abilities

ymahanani 2 / 1  
Jan 30, 2015   #1
Nowadays students have to learn foreign language in their schools since their first grade in order to prepare their future. While I agree with this methods, I do believe that there is drawbacks in this methods.

Globalization effect decreased the knowledge about mother-language. Students in the first grade should be given knowledge about their first language so as to they care with their language as literature as well. It is very important for student to preserve their language and familiarize at using their first language in daily life. Beside, by forcing students to study foreign language also cause psychological effect. Young pupils cannot be pressured to always study in some subjects because their life is playing. If they overladen with subject in school such as studying foreign language, it is possible will pressure their psychological effect and make them lazy to study.

Students nowadays are pressured to ready in facing globalization era. Language has important role in this situation. As a result, many schools include subject of foreign language in their curriculum to ease their student at learn foreign languages such as English and Arabic. A research in UK found that more than 2 billion students learn English over the world. Most of them are Chinese. Student in China should learn English since third grade of elementary schools. It makes students in China have big opportunities to get best education and jobs.

Moreover, by learning foreign language can stimulate students in academic achievement. A research in 2003 by Carolyn Taylor showed that a third the foreign language students in the present study significantly outperformed students monolingual peers after sustained enrollment. These findings underscore the positive effect continued foreign language study has on academic achievement and helps substantiate the view. In addition, a researcher in Yale University said that bilingualism fosters the development of verbal and spatial abilities. The best grade to start learning foreign language for student is in their fourth grade.

All in all, studying of foreign language today become important subject in every elementary school as preparation to get big opportunities in student's education and jobs in the future. Besides, studying foreign language can stimulate verbal and spatial abilities for student as well although students have to learn their first language at first.

SHanafi 120 / 415 93  
Jan 30, 2015   #2
Mahanani, I don't see the apparent of full prompt task. In other words please add the question. It becomes important for us, as reviewer, to check whether your answer in line with the task responses or not.

Overall, you do a good job while you attempt to add some factual data. Probably, it is because we come from some country so become easy for me to understand what you want to mention. But, unfortunately, your writing seems not natural for authentic English. Do not worry about this problem, I am also still fight in this circumstance. Just do perfect practice to gain a fluent English. Some more additions, I think you should learn about transition devices, this can make our writing flow smoothly and for the idea in every bodies, I suggest you to make a main idea in the bodies then supports it.

Hopefully it helps ^.^
tphy 2 / 2  
Feb 8, 2015   #3
I think you better use first language than mother language. Moreover, it is possible to use mother tongue too.

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