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The foremost reason of unhealthy eating in today's world is the hectic life

sinahector 7 / 34  
Sep 8, 2016   #1
Advertising is the most important cause of unhealthy eating habits.

These are just 3 paragraphs without introduction and conclusion

The foremost reason of unhealthy eating in today's world is the hectic life that all of us are undergoing. With the advent of new technologies, the pace of life is escalating, leaving us with a meager amount of time for food preparation and consequently the only feasible option is consuming canned and prepared foods. It is an axiom that canned foods are deprived of any nutritious components that a human body demands for routine functioning, so by devouring these processed foods, a person cannot receive the specific amount of vitamins and other necessary elements and consequently his body suffers from malnutrition that is noxious for our physical condition. According to a survey published in Times magazine, during the last century, by improving the pace of life by twenty percent, unhealthy food consumption has augmented by thirty-five percent, and accordingly the diseases relating to undernourishment has increased by fifty-nine percent which divulges the interconnection between prepared foods consumption and human illnesses that is extremely hazardous to our health.

Another compelling reason is the proliferation of fast-food restaurants. As the statistics show, the financial profit of a fast-food establishment is much more than any other businesses that leads to an incessant increase in number of the stores that renders junk-foods. In these kind of businesses, there are two crucial factors which are preparing food in shorter time and selling them cheaper. Therefore, by considering these aspects, the only option is using inferior quality ingredient that has detrimental effect on our well-being. As the FDA statistics indicate, by enhancement in number of junk-food restaurants between 2000 and 2010 and the competition among them in order to absorb more customers, the quality of foods has reduces by eighty-five percent and simultaneously the heart0-attack rate has increased by four times which demonstrates the severity of our health condition attributable to increase in number of junk-food restaurants.

The last subtle point which requires meticulous attention is the unrestrained implementation of additives in foods. As a hasty scrutinize of history reveals, human have used condiments for thousands of years for a diversity of reasons such as their delicious and unique tastes in foods or their ability to heal some illnesses. But, like everything else, excessive use of these beneficial substances could have detrimental consequences on our health. Besides, to meet the increasing demand of foods in the world, synthesized flavors were invented that are produced merely by some chemical reactions and not in nature. According to the last information published by the FAO, there are some alarming and terrifying outcomes of using these chemical seasonings and based on the same results, some countries prohibited the implementation of these artificial additives.
ichanpants89 [Contributor] 16 / 777 309  
Sep 8, 2016   #2
Hi, the following are several notes on your essay, I hope you can follow through.

Firstly, I find a pleasure in reading your essay; it is well-written. The flow of ideas are good, you have a good control in grammar, as well as the varied vocabularies you used in the essay. These several advantages of your essay can be enhanced by split up several sentences because you know, a good writing is not about the length, is about the readability of a text. Sometimes, a longer sentence may end up in confusing a reader, because not all readers have the same method to understand a writing. Using simple sentence does not mean that you are not good in writing. You can still use the complex and longer sentence, as long as you do not use it overly. Here is the example of the simplified sentence from the above essay:

... by thirty-five percent,.(full stop)andAccordingly, the diseases relating to ...

Keep writing!
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Sep 8, 2016   #3
Hi Hector, indeed, this essay is a good read, well first of all it has a very interesting prompt. Advertising does help people choose the food they eat. Normally, when a food is advertised by somebody famous or people with power and role models, they sell big time. One of the end results of this effective advertising is the fact that people doesn't see the health benefits of what they're putting in their mouth and the long term effect is unhealthy eating habits.

We tend to go with the flow all the time and this is true to our eating habits too, once a habit is formed it becomes the norms and you can't live without it, so you don't avoid it anymore even if it will damage your health.

Moving on to your essay, as mentioned it is a good read, it is very timely, it what is happening in todays society and definitely what is going to be one of todays huge problems.

Further to your essay, it has a well researched information, it is absolutely crucial to include, not only your own opinion about the prompt, but also the fact that you supported your essay with facts, current events and this will have huge positive effects in your writing. I hope this insight help and I hope to review more of your essays soon.

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