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'Only formal examinations,written or practical, can examine knowledge' IELTS

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Oct 18, 2011   #1
Subject: Only formal examinations,written or practical, can give a clear pictue of students' true knowledge and ability at university level.Continuous assessment like course work and projects are poor measures of student ability.

*How far do you agree with this latter satetment?
Nowadays,science and technology are dveloping by fast pace,on the other hand population are increasing more than past cause most of diseases that cauesed death,is cured by new science & methods.

Increasing population provide new talents which needs to be discovered,some of them which are continueing education at college,high school,university, are examined by formal examination or practical and so on,aferward these score determine thier ability and talents of them which illustrate how they can be on the future.This method in recognizing talents of student are punished by some experts as well as some student.Since it provides limit view of ability of students,moreover something in that day of examination can cause mistake to showing their ability,for instance perhaps some of student would be ill or would be face to some problems,that is reduced the quality of them in aswering questions.So that experts believe that this method are not good enough to identify ability of people.Eventhough they don't suggest another way!thus this method are continueing till good method be suggested to recognize ability of pupils in diverse filed.

On the other hand this method incentive most of student to more attempt to show their ability in various filed,therefore these student are encouraged to more study to achieve great score according their ability,wherease as it mentioned some of them don't have a good chance in that play!

On the whole it is clear that one examination like konkour and something like that can't good measure to discovering new talents.

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Oct 18, 2011   #2
Today,the science and technology industry is developing rapidly. On the other hand, population is increasing more than in the past, because diseases that cauesed death are being cured.

The increasing population provides new talents which need to be discovered. The only way to discover these talents is to conduct formal examinations and projects. Assessments like these are designed to test a students ability.

I corrected the first couple of sentences for you, since there are way too many errors in this. I think you should re read it yourself and make sure it makes sense before you ask other people to help you.
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Oct 18, 2011   #3
Thank you so much szheng,You are right. i have written this essay in 35 minutes,iam preparing for IELTS and time is important..i think that it caused so many mistake..then without checking i sent it here, to know the condition of myself in the real exam :(

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