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IELTS: Formal exams are the only way to assess a students true knowledge. Agree?

Apr 21, 2011   #1
First of all thanks for your time n patience to correct my essay.unfortunately i couldn't upload the image with this task-1 essay..
thank for all :-)
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Q:The graph shows the value in thousands of dollors of three companies selling farming equipment every five years from 1960 and their projected value from 2007 to 2012.Farm implements did not start trading untill 1980.

write a report for a university lecturer describing the informtion
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A:The bar chart gives information about the values of three companies which are mainly concentrated on farming equipment selling;Greenacres Ltd,Farm Implements and Carson Ltd by names.The horizontal axis of the chart shows information about the values of each companies in last fourty sevevn years and projected score of next five years.The verticle axis brings the information about the amount in thousands of dollars which reached by these companies as its value.

In general,three of these companies had been effected by the consumersin each year differently.Its clear that the number of companies had influenced the market and consumers into an extend;because,till the introduction of Farm Implements Ltd in 1980 the Greenacres Ltd had been showing a continuous progress in its value for thirty five years.At the same time ,farm implements was showing a continuous growth in its value that continuous to its projected value as well.At the same time carsons Ltd showed more fluctuated growth rather than a steady increase.

In detail,company value of Greenacre ltd was just two million dollars in 1960,at the same time carsons ltd owed just five hundred thousand as its value.Moreover,in 1990 Greenacres ltd could manage to reach it value in the peak level of fourty million dollars.Farm implements was showing a steady growth in its value from one million dollars in the beginning to twentyfive million dollars .Eventually,Farm Implements Ltd could manged to overcome both Greenacres and Carson ltd in 2000 with the value of twenty nine million dollars.

In short,all those company values show the result of hard work and planning.Their projected vales also show their intention to work harder to increase their company values in future than the present.

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Q:Only formal examinations,written or practical,can give a clear picture of students' true knowldge and ability in university level.Continuous assessment like course work and projects are poor measures of student ability.

How far do u agree with this later statement?
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A:Nowadays the universities and collages choose different types of methods to assess the true knowledge and ability of a student.All these methods have its own advanteges and dis advantages.It is not possible to assess the ability and knowledge of a student in its full level.

Examinaetions always check the ability of understanding of a student.But,this method willnot meet all the criterias of those assessments.Some of the students strive hard to pass the exam but,the understanding of the knowledge may not happen in such situations.More over,Examinations always bring stress over students. A stressfull situation is a big obstacle for a student to overcome.At the same time it helps a student to motivate himself to achive the goal.

However, the course works and projects help a student to learn more about specific topic.This method helps him to organise and understand various aspects of knowledge.Excess number course work and projects bring stress over student as examinatios do.Stress worstly affect concentration and enthusiasum of a student.

In short,examinations,course work and project are not poor methods to draw a students ability.All these methods assess a student ability and knowledge in its own way.In conclusion,these methods give valuable information about a student.These methods also measures the ability of a student to overcome a stressfull situation in future.

Apr 21, 2011   #2
I read Task_2 and I think it started with good introduction, but it still needs more senteces to complete the paragraph.
the writer mentions two good subpoints through the essay;however, it may require more examples to prove the idea.Besides, conclusion should be more clear by clarifying "these methods".


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