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Four main reasons why teenagers from one African country use their phones

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Sep 26, 2021   #1

results of surveys about mobile phones in Africa

The pie charts demonstrate the proportion of 4 primary reasons accounting for teenager coming from one African country using their phones over a period of 3 years from 2019

It is clear that proportion of using digital camera increased over the period shown while the opposite was true for making phone calls. It is noticeable that social medias were the most common reason for using phones.

Regarding the social medias, the figure began at 50% in 2016, then experienced a marginal decrease by 2% in the following year. Similarly, the proportion of email declined from 25% to 24%. In the year 2018, there was a slight increase in the figure for social medias. In contrast, a substantial decrease of 4% was seen in the figure for email. At the end of the period, the percentage of social medias increased to 56%, however, that of email decreased by 1%

In 2016, the percentage of making phone calls stood at 10% compared to 15% for digital camera. In the year 2017, the figure for phone calls increased by 3%, however, that of digital camera stabilized. From the year 2018 onwards, there was a downtrend in phone calls. To be specific, the figure ended at 5%. In contrast, the proportion of digital camera increased considerably to 20% at the end of the period
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Sep 27, 2021   #2
The pie charts

How many pie charts? A reference to the number of images and how these images are divided should be clearly represented because each image has a specific measurement representation. What are the 4 primary reasons? What were the inclusive dates of measurement? The summary overview is not complete in terms of short information. The presentation also needs to be spread out over several sentences to achieve summary clarity. Yes, you mention these information in better detail in the paragraphs. However, these need to be summarized for the reader to deliver a short form of the intricate reports in the succeeding paragraphs.

At the end of the period

What was the end of the period?

The writer gets the information into the report, but does not focus on the sentence structure in the presentation. The lack of focus on reduced GRA errors are what limits the score of this presentation.

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