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Essay about four major generations.

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Jul 30, 2008   #1
Essay about four major generations.

hey how r u? can you help me fix up this essay, thanks soo much

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Jul 30, 2008   #2
"Martin Luther King Jr. once stated, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character (cite)." The baby boomers make up the largest and most prominent generation in North American history. Like Martin Luther King Jr., who paved the way in the 60's for those in the upcoming generations to live in a world of equality and fairness, the baby boomers were individuals who dared to dream of a world that was equal and just. Children of the e cho b oom (Remove comma) and millennium kids (Remove comma) were able to witness change due to the optimism of the young people in the 60's who fought for Latinos, b lacks, Native Americans and women to be equal in society. The baby boomers changed politics, the meaning of beauty, and music, a llowing the following generations to be apart of a diverse society that embraced all forms of culture.

The baby bust generation (1967-1979) was(Even though the generation contained many individuals, it is still one singular generation. Therefore, you should use the singular form when referring to it.) influenced by education and work ethnics. Living in a generation that was created by the baby boomers, the baby bust cohort was able to establish an edifying standard living despite their gender or race, due to the baby boomers that fought for change. This movement continued on in the next generation known as the "e cho b oomers" (1980-1995) who were fascinated by entertainment, fashion, ethnics, and culture. This generation is acknowledged for being one of the most influential cohorts. Echoing the baby boomers and the baby bust, this generation created trends. The 1980-1995 age group can be solely perceived as the "media influenced era (Remove comma) " that revolutionized North America (Remove comma) in terms of being one of the most diverse generations who are witnessing a black man running for president, gay (Remove hyphen) marriages being conventional, and the occurences of interracial relationships increasing (Remove period) proving they too are still fighting for change. Lastly, the m illennium b usters (1996-2010) are the newest and growing(What do you mean by this? Are they getting older? Is that population getting larger? Specify) generation. Their characteristics and attributes will simply derive from all the previous generations who are continuing to shape and change the world universally. Each generation paves the way for another. The prime distinctiveness of each cohort is influenced by aspects of the previous generation.

The baby boomers are an influential generation that changed political (Remove comma) and ethnical views. Baby boomers are those born following the Second World War. They are babies born from 1946 to 1964 during the time of affluence subsequent to the war. Many baby boomers fought for change (Remove comma) since they were living in a period of time where war (Remove comma) and inequality were prevalent. In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at a march in Washington (Remove comma) where more than 300,000 people arrived to protest for racial equality. In that March stood many young baby boomers that gave birth to a cultural explosion (Remove comma) and a new era. According to America Dreaming, written by Laban Carrick Hill in 2007, those who were involved in the Civil Rights Movement in 1964 were the answer to acquiring a society that practiced racial justice. The baby boomers were a diverse group with a common interest to change the face of North America. They opened the doors for non-European cultures, to establish a righteous and free lifestyle in America (Remove comma) where they would not be held back by their color. The political biases were fought by the determination of the young baby boomers that were encouraging, compassionate, supportive, intelligent, and peaceful individuals who wanted change.

(How about wealthy? Many of these individuals who fought for change were the children of upper-middle class Americans sent away to college on their parent's money, thus enabling them the freedom to partake in the open-mindedness of other individuals on campus and take the action seen in the 1960s. They did not need to work the shifts their parents worked during the war; they had much more free time to devote to this movement.)

Even though influential baby boomers continue to fight for equality, such as Barack Obama and Oprah Whitfey What? Even though what? This is an incomplete sentence. What is the conflicting result it seems you are alluding to? . It appears baby boomers are more threatened by their physical appearance (Remove comma) rather than universal problems. In 1981 the demand for cosmetic surgery increased by 70%. (According to who?) In 2007, cosmetic surgery rose 9 percent to $12.4 billion. (According to who?) Canada.com claims the demand for cosmetic procedures is on the rise (Remove comma) due to many women from the baby boomer era requesting B otox injections as well as facelifts . Even though the baby boomers are a strong generation (Remove comma) who paved the way for change, they are proven to also be a target for insecurity . It appears individuals born in the 50s and 60's are fearful of aging, predominately females. This demonstrates that the baby boomers are also impacted by vanity (Remove comma) and glamour, for they are concerned regarding their physical appearance.

"Cause this is thriller, thriller night/And no ones gonna save you from the beast about strike/You know its thriller, thriller night/ You're fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight" (cite). These are words to one of the world' s most recognized songs. Thriller (Format?) is a song written and produced by the "King of Pop (Remove comma) " Michael Jackson, one of the most trendy baby boomers, who helped changed the face of music with the help of Rick James, Kiss, The Beatles, Madonna, Jimmy Hendrix , and Prince. Pop culture and r ock ' n r oll was established by talented and eager baby boomers who wanted to express different genres of music. They did not create the genre though; what about Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Robert Johnson? Hendrix claimed he was influenced by Robert Johnson's blues, and Michael Jackson was in an R&B Motown group with his family before being on the "pop" scene. It is important that you reflect upon those who influenced the baby boomers, they didn't just wake up one day and create rock 'n roll. Today, individuals can turn on networks such as MTV and BET to witness artists such as Justin Timberlake and Chris B rown emulating Michael Jackson or singers Britney Spears and Rihanna who are influenced by Madonna's style. The baby boomers are a creative group of individuals who started a new era of music with catchy melodies, inventive dance moves, and memorable music videos. Like Kiss, they brought style and culture to their music that makes musicians born in this era cohort innovators and legends that give meaning to "pop culture." What meaning?

The baby boomers were the beginning of change. They started a new era of challenging the government's laws and restrictions. This cohort allowed the upcoming generations to reside in a society that did not focus on racism or discrimination (Remove comma) but on the happiness embodied in music. The baby boomers feared the negative aspects of aging (Remove comma) yet they continued to be one of the most prominent generations.How? Their aptitude, optimism, and enthusiasm established a new journey that opened the doors for a new generation, "the baby bust."

Successful, entrepreneurs, and victorious describe the baby bust generation. In 1998, 5.6 million Canadians were in this cohort, continuing to challenge the expectations of society. Today, females from the baby bust generation are starting a new trend. Many of them are focusing solemnly on their careers (Remove comma) rather than marriage and giving birth. This is effecting the birth rates in Canada, considering the average woman has her first child at the age 29, which is similar to the females in the baby boomer cohort who had children later on in their lives (Remove comma) while others chose not to even have children. This displays the connection between both generations, proving one generation's habits is contagious to another. Females born in the 1960's were provided with the opportunity to execute their achievements (Remove comma) due to the baby boomers that fought for equality amongst women and men. According to David K. Foot's novel, "Boom, Bust, and Echo", in the 1990's it was easier for individuals to attend post secondary schools due to the university entry standards lessening. Women were able to take advantage of this, allowing them to get an advanced education, which led them to thriving careers. This sounds like you are saying the only way women got into college was because the standards were lowered. Is this what you intended?

The baby boomers fought for a world that practiced unity and peace amongst mankind. Following the footsteps of their elders, the baby busters chose to take a similar approach to changing our world. Many of them focused their attention on global warming, the environment, and the AIDS epidemic. Unlike the baby boomers who were considerably idealistic, the baby busters were realists who understood the global issues occurring could no longer be fought with protests (Remove comma) and social gatherings, but with intelligence, wealth, and power. According to David K. Foot, the baby buster generation grew up in a time of drugs, divorce, and economic strain. They felt a sense of responsibility to change their social conditions that was viewed as their "inheritance." Racial separation, broken families, increasing poverty, and AIDS (Remove comma) were some of the issues that targeted the baby busters. Time m agazine discussed some of our world's finest heroes and pioneers. Those who were born in the baby buster's cohort were acknowledged for their humanitarian efforts and work. One being Angelina Jolie, a talented actress, who witnessed her parents divorce, a devastating common practice during the end of the 1960's to the 1970's. Jolie used her emotional grief to make a difference in this world. She travels to third world counties shining light on the problems that truly need awareness, especially the AIDS epidemic in Africa. She is an example of how the predicaments that the baby busters faced inspired them to fight for change, for upcoming generations to reside in a world full of peace.

Through music powerful messages can be heard and acknowledged. The baby boomers used r ock 'n r oll to discuss political issues (Remove comma) as well as a source of entertainment. From r ock 'n r oll came the birth of a new era of music in the 1970's formally known as h ip h op. Hip h op consisted of five main elements, MCing (rapping), DJing, graffiti, and b-boying (break dancing). Individuals born in the baby buster's cohort grew up being inspired by the messages h ip h op was discussing. This form of music was a mixture of poetry and rhythm that focused primarily on the political injustice transpiring in impoverished societies. Young men born in the 1970's took notice to this music, for it became a cultural influence. Born on June 16th 1971, Tupac Amaru(Tupac Amaru was the last Inca of Vilcabamba; Tupac Amaru II was was the leader of an indigenous uprising in 1780 against the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire. Do you mean Tupac Amaru Shakur (aka 2Pac and Makaveli)? He was an American rapper. If this is who you mean, you should use his first and last name or some other way of identifying who you are referring to.) is one of today's biggest h ip h op sensations. Most of his music is about growing up being exposed to poverty, violence, and racism. He advocated political, racial, and economic equality. Tupac died on September 7th 1996, but his message of hope continues to live on. Many recognized rappers who achieved international success, admiration, and wealth were born in the baby buster's cohort. Hip h op was born in the 1970's, being an innovative culture(Music in itself is not a culture; it can be a part of culture, but not its entirety.) to society that allowed individuals to question societie' s laws and regulations (Remove comma) but to also be entertained, proving the baby busters were creative beings who wanted change.

The baby busters may be the smallest population in North America, yet they opened the doors for upcoming generations to witness equality amongst men and women. They used their past as guidance to fight and alter our world for the better. This generation followed the footsteps of their elders by being innovators and leaders. Musically (Remove comma) and mentally (Remove comma) the baby busters provided society with new cultures and customs. Hip hop was proof of their artistic values and abilities. The "13th generation" was filled with eagerness, intelligence, and talented individuals who paved the way for the "e cho b oom" to achieve greatness.

In the 1990's North America was introduced to a new phenomenon, "pop"culture. Entertainers such as the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears became stars overnight due to a new generation that craved creativity. The e cho boomers are known as the "MTV Generation." Young females dressed and mimicked the Spice Girls, fantasized about the boys from N'sync, and practiced Christina Agurilera's dance moves. The e cho b oomers gave birth to an era of fashion, technology, music, and movies. It was the beginning of a trendy culture and the beginning of mass media. David K. Foot describes June of 1998, when one of the Spice Girls decided to depart from the group. He states that if a similar occurrence had taken place in the 1980's, it would have not been an imperative subject, since few Canadians would have cared. In the 1990's entertainment was a global phase . Societie' s two biggest cohorts, the baby boomers that were forced to listen to popular music because of their children, and their children, the echo boomers, who were genuinely concerned about t he Spice Girls losing a member. Both of the two biggest generations were interested, making this issue page-one news. Presently, the echo boomers continue to support popular music, especially p op and h ip h op. Citation? Where did you get this information?) The Backstreet sold over 100 million records intentionally, making them the best selling boy band of all time, and the world's biggest moneymakers, due to their concerts and albums generating over $533.1 million. Says who? Reference needed.) Rap s tar Dawayne Michael Carter Jr., formally known as Lil Wayne, was born September 27th 1982, in the e cho b oom generation. He broke records on June 10th 2008, when his record Carter IIIFormat? sold over one million records in the first week. Source? In 2000, admired boy band N'sync embarked on their tour No Strings AttachedFormat? , which broke records for selling over 1 million tickets the first day. Source? Its been proven that t he e cho b oomers created and gave meaning to the word "celebrity." They spend billions of dollars on concerts and albums. Musicians can be found on advertisements, such as JLO and Beyonce who appeared in a Pepsi commercial or Vanessa Hudgens who is the spokesperson for Neutrogena. Individuals from the echo boomers cohort are infatuated with the "celebrity lifestyle, " m aking them the biggest consumers and supporters of music (Remove comma) and pop culture in general.

Deriving from their obsession with pop culture, the e cho boomers are also a group of individuals who can be witnessed as materialistic. The book b oom, b ust and e cho portrays the e cho generation to be attracted to acquisitive merchandise. This was one of the first cohorts to be raised in a time of technology and fashion. Echo b oomers are now the product of the media and the media portrays the idea of being "perfect." A journalist for CBS, Steve Kroft, wrote e cho b oomers only focus on the visual aspects of life. They are a cultural group that is influenced by the pressure to be "the best." Today, streets are filled with advertisements showcasing name brand purses and jeans. Guess Jeans, an American company, was found in 1981. The public acknowledged it in 1983. Despite Guess's success during the 1980's, in 2005 when a majority of the e cho b oomers were over the age of fifteen, the business became one of today's most recognized companies. Teenagers wanted a variety, and Guess gave it too them, adding shoes, a men's section, purses, and accessories. The e cho b oomers made productionsprofits? triumphant. They are responsible for the success of name brands such as D & G, Buffalo, and American eagle. Young society confuses the word " need" with the word " want." Rent and food are now wants, but a pair of Chanel glasses is a need . Echo b oomers are the number one marketing targets. On July 11th 2008, City Plus reported 1,500 individuals, mainly between the ages of 16-24, lined up to purchase an Iphone. Young individuals that focus on the quantity of products, but not the quality generate humanityHow? . It's all about the name brands, expensive cars, and technology. The e cho b oomers are intellectual group that spend their money of meaningless products, since they are a product themselves to marketing schemes.

If there were one word to describe the e cho generation, it would be diverse.
In the United States two-thirds of this cohort is Caucasian. One out of 35 are from mixed-race backgrounds. Research? According to Statistic Canada, in 2001 over 6 million of Canadians between the ages of 14-24 were of non-white decent. This generation is the most prone to change. With the i nternet being the new means of communication, Facebook and Myspace are now a method for young society to discuss their political issues. Groups are formed on Facebook that campaign for Barack Obama; bring awareness for AIDs and HIV, as well as poverty and the increasing rate of violence in Toronto. The e cho b oomers are a diverse group of individuals with a common interest, change. On June 20, 2005, Canada was the fourth country to legalize same-sex marriages. Gay rights continue to increase due to the e cho b oomers being a tolerant group (Remove comma) who believe everyone should be equal and treated fairly in society. Traditional laws are now replaced with reality-based regulations. Homosexuality is no longer viewed as a religious indulgence, but now as a normal custom. On June 29th 2008, the Gay Pride expanded, being more flamboyant and exciting. Over one million people attended, many being young individuals who were able to be open and proud about their sexuality. In a US public opinionated market research study , 88% of high school seniors believed homosexuals should be protected under the hate-crime legislation. 85% believed gays and lesbians should be accepted by society. Even on television diversity is increasing and becoming ordinary. Pop sensation Rihanna, a successful black female, is now the face of Cover Girl, while Lance Bass, a member from N'sync is candidly gay. The media is now focusing on diversity, whereas before television was predominately aimed at a c aucasian audience. Our world is changing in (Remove hyphen) terms of multiculturalism, since the e cho b oomers are a reflection of society. They were born in a period of time where white and black kids sat in the same classroom (Remove comma) and shared the same rest room. When they were able to turn on their television to witness a woman, Hilary Clinton, and a black man, Barack Obama, compete for presidency. Where they can watch an openly gay woman, Ellen Degeneres, host her own daytime talk show. The word "can't" no longer has any meaning to this determined generation. The e cho b oomers have given each and every individual a fair chance to achievement. This is a generation who is blind towards color, gender, and sexuality. This is a generation of hope.

The e cho b oomers are one of the most watched and over analyzed generations. Failing and giving up no longer governs society. It appears this generation helps each other to grow. Even though they endure predicaments, this cohort continues to achieve greatness. They are the children of the b aby b oomers, who were passionate individuals that fought for change. The e cho b oomers are the result of their fight. Generation Y is an inspiring legion of people who are creative and materialistic, but most of all thoughtful individuals who focus on the happiness of mankind, creating a world that will be diverse and equal, making peace more achievable for the m illennium b usters.

It's said, the m illennium b usters "are today's children and students, and tomorrow's employees and leaders." Says who? They will follow in the footsteps of the b aby b oomers, b e logical like t he b aby b usters, a nd be diverse and openminded like the e cho b oomers. Generation Z is shaped by events(political issues), trends, and demographics that surround them. The b aby b oomers were the beginning of change. They were the first generation of the 20th century to stand up against the many injustices the world was practicing. Today, Generation Z will follow in their footprints, being the world' s first 21st century generation. The m illennium b usters are seen as being environmentalists. Presently, they are exposed to environmental issues, mainly global warming. Like their parents who are concerned about the conditions of nature, the m illennium b usters will focus on political and social movements that will benefit the environment.

One method they can use to make change is the i nternet. According to Generationz.com, they are the "most technologically and socially empowered generation ever." They are the digital natives, who are governed even more by technology and the media than the previous cohort. The m illennium b usters are connected through Facebook, Myspace and You Tube. The i nternet is now their platform to discuss politics, the media, and their personal business.

The m illennium b usters are said to be "most financially endowed generation in history." (By who?) Unlike the previous generation (Remove comma) who were born in to many middle-class (Remove comma) and impoverished families(What is the result? Finish your statement.) Generation Z is fortunate to be born to wealthier parents, t he b aby b usters. This cohort is formally known as the "educated generation," who started school early (Remove comma) and will stay is school longer than previous generations. Generation Z (Remove comma)is born into highly educated families who raise them to be dedicated to their studies, dreams, and goals. The b aby b usters were the first generation to take advantage of post-secondary educations . They established substantial lifestyles (Remove comma)where their children, the m illennium b usters, will benefit from their achievements.

Generation Z "are today's emerging generation who resemble children of any era past, yet they personify our future." (Citation?) The e cho b oomers ended their century(How did they cause the century to end? Do they control time?) allowing the m illennium b usters to learn from their errors, to improve on their ideas, and to be influenced by their decisions. Generation Z is a group of individuals that are concerned about political issues, mainly targeting the environment, are technology inclined, and providential. The m illennium b usters witnessed the terrorist attack on America, September 9th 2001. They have seen the war in Iraq, and witnessed the extinction of animals. Some of these individuals are just entering their teen years, yet they have already been exposed to all of these issues. The world continues to live in grief, but this generation is the future. Like their parents, they have a low infant mortality? rate. They are a small generation (Remove comma) with great meaning.

Each generation opens the door for improvement for another generation. The b aby b oomers started the fight for peace. Some of the worlds' greatest leaders and innovators were baby boomers, who dreamed of a world were ones sexuality and race would not make them inferior. They were the first cohort that effectively changed music, politics, and the standards of beauty. Following the b aby b oomers was a new generation, t he b aby b usters, who were innovative, talented, and intelligent. This cohort opened the doors for t he e cho b oomers to be exposed creativity, diversity, and materialism. Even though t he e cho b oomers are still a young generation, they are paving the way for t he m illennium b usters to be able to reside in a world governed by human rights, technology, and inventiveness. Generation Z has already adapted the need to fight politically for the concerns of our environment to improve. They are sufficient in terms of technology, and are fortunate individuals who were born into families that were highly educated and financially stable, which will help them to be well-minded individuals. All cohorts are connected. "Whoever teaches his son teaches not alone his son but also his son's son, and so on to the end of generations." (Citation needed.) The main uniqueness of each generation is influenced by characteristics of the preceding generation. If one (Remove hyphen) generation fails, it will be harder for the next to succeed, but if one generation succeeds (Remove comma) the next will be able to achieve greatness."

Watch your excessive, inappropriate and/or incorrect use of commas. Also watch the random use of capitalization throughout the essay. Your content is good, but you need more cited research to support many of your assertions. The essay flows nicely and seems to be well organized. Your hard work is evident.

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Aug 12, 2008   #3
OK; make sure your citations and format adhere to APA regulations. It's no fun to lose points for silly little things like that!

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Aug 15, 2008   #4
did i do the citations right--APA?
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Aug 16, 2008   #5
I'm not extensively familiar with APA, which is why I am suggesting you double check. I would hate to tell you something wrong; this way you can see for yourself.

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Dec 6, 2008   #6
Hi, your writing is excellent, and I'm sure this essay will score well. I can help with your use of MLA, though:

It's said, the millennium busters "are today's children and students, and tomorrow's employees and leaders."

Put a comma before the quotation, like this:

It's said, the millennium busters, "are today's children and students, and tomorrow's employees and leaders."

I see that you do use a comma for that situation in other parts of the essay.

Also, it is not usually acceptable to put the weblink in the in-text parenthetical reference. Instead, it is good to put the title of the article or the author's name.


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Dec 11, 2008   #7
thanks soooooooo much!!!

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