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'the fraternity brothers' - essay

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Jan 15, 2007   #1
Everyone has at least one or more defining moments in their life that can change the direction of their life forever. Whether is graduating from high school, getting a driver's license, getting married or buying a new house. For me, while I have some great moments and some bad moments at time in my life, things haven't change that much. However, I remember one event that did change my life in some way or another. Little did I know that spending little time in the cell would change my life forever.

That defining moment in my life was when I got arrested sometime ago for "Driving under the influences." I was sort of being peer pressure into drinking at a fraternity house, in order to gain respect and being a man and not being known as a sissy (sometime the word can be used as a "fag"). I was trying to be cool and fit into the lifestyle of a typical fraternity's brotherhood, not cause I loved to drink but to be one of them and not being look down at and being a wimp. That being the case, I did one horrible mistake of driving home while I was intoxicated, not only did I drive home, but got arrested for having 0.08 above the legal limit.

After going to jail, stripping naked in front of some men in a black and blue uniform suit, I realized that I was being laughed at behind by back while putting on the black and white clothes that all jail mates must wear. For this reason, something changed in me, I felt like my used to be high self-esteem had just been tossed out the window. I realized that I wasn't supposed to belong in this cell at all! with all the other inmates.

I said to myself "why did I have to listen to those fraternity guys in the first place, I'm not a follower" If I wouldn't have listened I wouldn't end up in this kind of mess.

Looking back at the whole thing, I resolved to make as many changes to my life as possible and not to let other tell me what to do. Now, several months after that night, I look back at my time spent in the jail's cell as the worst years of my life. That one evening, changed my life on who I was/am. Now I met some of the most amazing people other than the fraternity brothers, and to this day I think I am a new person not letting other tell me what to do and saying to myself "make sure you know what you were doing a moment ago, before stepping into a moving vehicle controlled by me."

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