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Freedom to show creativity in portraying skills in producing any form of art

Alisha123 9 / 18  
Aug 19, 2011   #1
Creative artists should always be given the freedom to express their own ideas (in words, pictures, music or film) in whichever way they wish. There should be no government restriction on what they do?

I certainly agree with the viewpoint that artists should be given liberty to show their creativity in portraying their skills in producing any form of art. In fact, I believe that artists would come up with more distinctive ideas, if they are given opportunity to express without any intervention. Even so, I strongly feel that government should not impose any confinement on these talent- gifted folk.

Indeed, any form of art expressed by an artist whether it could be composed music or film production, shows their creative skills. It utterly creates new thoughts in minds of people. Apart of this, their artistic ideas and imaginations would also reinforce people to think in a distinctive and unique manner. Take an example of famous Italian artist and inventor, he beautifully sculpted and painted the statue of Mona Lisa. With his magnificent skill, extra ordinary statues are now sculpted and kept in Amusement area like Madam Tussaq in London, where thousands of tourists visit every year and praise the beauty of art and talent. So, artists should be encouraged to express their talent which would motivate ordinary people to think alike and generate new art and benefit the society as whole.

Art is a natural talent and should be well expressed without any disruption because if any rules or restrictions are imposed on artists then they will not be able to express their true talent. Take songwriter for instance, if any restrictions of not using certain words in lyrics are enforced on him then he might find in showing his real ingenuity. This is because, creativity and flair are considered to be songwriter's real talents and any confinement in any of these, would hinder his overall performance.

Art related projects such as exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and photography, all these activities enrich peoples' lives. These will make people to understand and explore surroundings in variety of ways. Therefore, government should not intervene or put any rules on creative artists. However, it should encourage and motivate people to bring forth their hidden talent so, that people could benefit from their distinctive ideas. I personally feel that, rather than imposing restriction on them, government should provide subsides and financial support to them so that their talent could be brought to a wider public around the world. These will not only boost artists' capabilities but a nation would be able to show its artists' talent across the globe and it would undoubtedly create its good image around the world.

All in all, I believe that imposing any sort of restriction would impede the artist talent and they would not able to work at optimal level. Therefore, their overall ability to perform will potentially reduce. On the contrary, both encouragement and inspiration are driving force in increasing the creativity of artists. There is no reason why government should not give special financial and moral support to artists rather than restraining their talent.


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