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The Gala to welcome Freshmen 2020

Jan 14, 2021   #1

translating a magazine

This is a "present" instead of a greeting from the cohousing's SFL to the new generation of students in this university with the aim to facilitate the 43rd students to have the opportunity for exchanging, learning and capturing information activities of each club and senior learners. On November 21st, at the outdoor stage (Lecture B), the School of Foreign languages successfully organized the "Festival of Clubs & Gala to welcome 43rd students" in 2020.

Master Le Hong Thang - Principal of the School of Foreign Languages; Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai - Head of Administration - General Department; Mr. Trieu Quang Viet - Head of Training Team; Mr. Pham Viet Ngoc - Secretary of the Communist Youth Union of SFL; Mrs. Pham Thu Trang - Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth Union of SFL; Mr. Dang Trung Kien - Student Union President. Coming to the Gala night, there were also the participation of businesses, teachers and students. In the beginning, Master Le Hong Thang - Principal of SFL congratulated and encouraged more than 800 new students. Besides, he sent his wishes to all teachers and students of SFL a new semester full of hope, successfully implementing the tasks set out for the 2020-2021 school year.

In the afternoon of the same day, the schoolyard filled with vibrant colors, a atmosphere is jubilant and a spirit of full-time happiness of dynamic and enthusiastic students all gathered at the "Club Festival " with the presence of: CEC Club; Bookworm Club; ABO Club; 3C Chinese Language Club; Guitar Club, Receptionist and Diplomatic Club, Korean Language Club; Entrepreneurship Club, Community Volunteer Club ... This is an opportunity for 13 clubs to meet, exchange, learn and show their talents and style through the competitions offered by the organizers. "Club Day" is one of the annual activities of Foreign Languages School Clubs to help new students get acquainted, spark their passion for clubs, teams and participate all the activities. The Club model plays an vital part of the comprehensive development program of the University, in order to enable students to practice what they have learned, as well as maximize their abilities of each individual.

" The Gala to welcome Freshmen 2020 " continued with the performance of that burned with its best which was highly appreciated compared to the previous years, the organizers invested a lot in sound effects, lighting and performances. The show was extremely impressive by SFL students. As part of the Gala night activities, the Organizing Committee commended and awarded scholarships to students with excellent academic achievements, honoring individuals, groups, and clubs who won prizes in the " Camp contest ".

At the Music Gala, the School of Foreign Languages honored Duong Ngoc Bich - a freshmen at English Language of 43rd for excelling 29.41 points and becoming the valedictorian of the School of Foreign Languages in 2020. The Principal was giving flowers and gifts to congratulate the academic accomplishment as well as hope that the foreign language industry always arouses the passion and enthusiasm of students, so that they always promote their dynamism, creativity and positivity study, practice and scientific research, promote self-study capacity, self-research and apply theory well in practice appropriately to achieve many high achievements in learning, contributing to improving quality education.

The music night was a significant success and left many emotions in the hearts of attendees. "Festival of Clubs & Gala to welcome 43rd students" is one of the wonderful experiences of new students from Thai Nguyen University of Foreign Languages. After the Gala night, all off the students surely might have a new mindset, a new motivation for the 2020-2021 school year that promises success.

Please help me to check it. Thank you guys a lot. I am translating a magazine for my school and using Google translation for many times so that I really afraid of the mistake about grammar or sentence usage. Merci! Please refer to our private editing and review services. The whole essay needs proof reading and grammar correction. That is not part of our free services.

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