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Gandhi - About a World Leader

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May 31, 2012   #1
Request you to check the length, grammar, structure , flow and other details which you think is important.

I believe that Mahatma Gandhi was a world leader. I believe this because he was the preeminent leader of British-ruled India. He led India to independence and inspired non-violence, civil rights and freedom across India.

One reason I believe Gandhi as a world leader because of his self-sacrifice for the people. He was a trained in Law from London which could have given him good job. But rather than choosing to lead a lavish life he gave his life for the people of India. He was jailed a number of times while protesting. As a mark of protest against the British rulers he went for hunger strike numerous times and led many other protest movements. Not just in India but also in South Africa where he fought for civil rights of Muslims and Hindus. This shows is strength and sacrifice which a world leader possesses.

Another reason to believe Gandhi to be a preeminent leader is his principle of Satyagrah" which means "adherence to truth". This is to eliminate antagonism without harming the antagonist. Gandhi's belief that an endurance of suffering is a means to an end. The whole nation accepted "Satyagrah" which became the undefeated force. It is this force which led him to free the nation from the British rule.

The final reason in proclaiming Gandhi as a world leader is his ability to influence people. His simplicity and adherence to truth motivated millions of followers who were ready to accept Gandhi's principle and follow his steps. He was able to change thoughts of the people who were on the verge of the violence and bloodshed. Accepting harshness of the British and still moving with non-violence was not easy but people had faith in Gandhi's path.

In conclusion it would be right to say that Gandhi was a true world leader. With his principles and belief he has was able to inspire millions and free India from the British rule.

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May 31, 2012   #2
(We should know the whole parts of the topic to find out its type. I stated this because, as u know, the structure of an essay can be varied from one type to another one)

I think your essay is really good, but the main problem is that you repeated some words and terms for several times.

In conclusion it would be right to say that Gandhi was a true world leader. With his principles and beliefs he has was able to inspire millions and give freedom to Indiaianfrom the British rule .

OP inform 8 / 21  
Jun 1, 2012   #3
Thanks a lot Ahmad for your valuable suggestions. I will use them when I write my next essay.
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Oct 24, 2012   #4
Pepperdine essay about effective leader


Pepperdine has one essay that asks you to write about an effective leader you have known. While I do know many leaders I can write about I would prefer to write about my grandfather who unfortunately passed away before I was born. However, I have done a lot of research into him over the years and over the years spoke with people who knew him. He was a MD of a local company with 1000+ employees for 25 years and founded the local tennis, horse riding and rotary club. He also has a foundation in his name that still runs today.

Question is can I write about him or would the university prefer a living person?

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Oct 24, 2012   #5
Sure. He would be the perfect example of a leader if you feel that he inspired others through his works. - AAO

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