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Generating electricity from sea waves. IELTS Writing task 1- The process chart

KiraArus 2 / 6  
Apr 24, 2016   #1
The diagrams show a structure that is used to generate electricity from wave power.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.
Generating electricity from sea waves

The charts provided depict how power is generated by ocean wave motion. Generally, there are two main stages of a wave; the rise and the fall, that invoke system trigger electrical device works. The system is built to receive energy from wave movement including cliff or sea wall which is used to keep entire system stands on solid foundations because of wave impact, a large chamber and two vertical columns are combined in order to catch wave and control air flow. And the final component is a turbine attached inside the columns which handle generating power.

Regarding the first chart, when a wave approaches into the chamber, then the atmosphere in the chamber is immediately oppressed and pushed to outside through two columns. Following this, the air concurrently hits to the turbine and make it spins. As a result, the electric device is activated and goes to operating.

Turning to the second chart, when a wave retreats, the air from outside is sucked back to the columns, it reduces the turbine remain rotating and the electricity continues to be generated. The turbine rotates in only one direction regardless the change of air stream. (192 words)

akbartaufiq25 7 / 81 54  
Apr 25, 2016   #2
Overall, you demonstrated a good writing. Still, there is a problem in this sentence:
The charts provided depict how power is generated by ocean wave motion....
Keep inspiring, keep writing. Regards.
justivy03 - / 2,367 607  
Apr 25, 2016   #3
Hi Xuan, kindly find additional help for your analysis below;

- The charts provided depict how power
- a wave; the rise and the fall,
- that invoke the system
- and trigger the electrical
- from the wave
- movement including the cliff
- keep the entire system
- of the wave impact,
- and control the air flow. Aa nd the final
- handles the generatinged

- RegardingWith regards to the first chart,
- pushed to outside through the two columns. - and goes to operatingoperates .

- from the outside
- turbine and remain rotating
- regardless of the change
- of the air stream.

There you have it Xuan, I hope you find the remarks helpful as well as useful towards the revision of your analysis.
ichanpants89 [Contributor] 16 / 777 309  
Apr 25, 2016   #4
Hi Xuan, I just want to continue what other members doing on this essay. The thing is, you have already got your grammar reviewed by one of contributors of EssayForum. The next matter that you need to take into consideration is the exact minimum sentences in composing a paragraph. You need to complete the way you present the information from the diagram by presenting at least three sentences in a single paragraph. So, this following sentences need to be revised:

Turning to the second chart, when a wave retreats.... (1st sentence)

It reduces the turbine remain..... (2nd sentence)

The turbine rotates in only..... (3rd sentence)

By composing at least three sentences minimum for a paragraph, you will accomplish the minimum requirements of a solid paragraph. The idea is to have you present a complete thought and understanding of all the aspects of the diagram you were provided. By limiting yourself to only 2 sentences per paragraph, you fail to display your ability to express yourself in the English language, which is a major component of the scoring system.

Good luck for the next one :)
OP KiraArus 2 / 6  
Apr 25, 2016   #5
Hi all, thanks for your suggesting and correction. It's really helpful.
ainirere /  
Apr 26, 2016   #6
Regarding TO the first chart,
it reduces the turbine THAT remain rotating

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