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The given diagram illustrates the stages involved in the process of recycling plastics

Tran Thanh Tra 1 / -  
Jun 11, 2022   #1

Ielts writting task 1 - Process

The given diagram illustrates the stages involed in the process of recyling plastics.
Overall, there are essentially six stages of the bottles recyling , beginning with the buying, using and discarding of new bottles and ending with newly recycled products entering the market again. Meanwhile, the number of steps for bags and rubbish is halved compared to the bottles recyling.

As can be seen from the diagram, in the first stage of the process, after people buy and use bottles, it is collected from anywhere such as shops, schools, residential areas,...In contrast, if the plastics are bag and rubbish, they will have only one destination which is landfill. Next, the collected bottles are transported to sorting house in order to sort bottles into recyclable and non-recyclable bottles. The next step is to drive the recyclable bottles to the processing plant, in this step the bottles are stored and cooked under the suitable condition for hours and hours. At the end of the process, newly recycled products are entered the market or shop again, ready to be sold.

  • The diagram below shows the recycling process of plastics. Summarise the information by selecting an
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,856 4178  
Jun 11, 2022   #2
The given reference of a diagram should have been changed to a flow chart in the writer's interpretation. A change of wording from the original is expected as a part of vocabulary scoring considerations. Note that there are 2 manufacturing options presented which is why the flow chart description would be more accurate when considering the factual word meaning.

An enumeneration of the possible manufacturing steps can and should be committed in the trending statement as the process should not be thoroughly outlined in this section. Clues and Vague references are acceptable in this section instead.

A report cannot be based upon "As seen in ... " since the reader is presumed to not have a copy of the image. Describe or discuss immediately instead. A topic sentence / hook will work beat in this case.

Punctuation marks cannot be used successively. The GRA score will be reduced because a comma and ellipses were used one after another in the presentation without words, phrases, or other thought gaps to justify its use. This is a highly common error among Asian students showing a clear lack of proper English sentence structuring lessons in their ESL classes.

While the word count was met, the number of paragraphs was not correctly presented. Marks will be deducted for writing less than 3 paragraphs.

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