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Essay on "giving up on hope."

sarahmk 22 / 55  
Jun 16, 2008   #1
Can you please check this for grammar and spelling errors? thanks soo much

If one's world is filled with what some determine as being indecent, destructive and undetermined individuals----how is success in life achievable? If that is the case, one's dreams, hopes and ambitions may become demolished, due to the ignorance stemming from some peoples in their lives, who may continuously try to inhibit their dreams. This form of what some may cap as "corruption," may cause unbearable and sometimes devastating feelings, as one's world seems to gradually transform into a mess, filled with negatively.

In countless situations, the positive futures of many individuals are constantly being disrupted due to the lack of a support system. As a result, their self-confidence dramatically reduces, as they may feel inferior to others who enter their life. That being said, this begs the questions: Is the education system providing students with assurance and motivation? Are parents supporting their children emotionally and physically? Many will agree that the new millennium appears to be overflowing with street violence, negligence and discrimination---resulting in setting fourth a well-worn path for individuals to follow, rather than attempting to achieve their goals.

With an enormous number of youth growing up in poverty and low-income areas, environmental elements can contribute to one's experience---for that may cause feelings of entrapment. Because of these alarming finds, community officials at the Lawrence Heights Community have formed programs to assist individuals, predominately youth in finding jobs, and after school activities that may keep them grounded. In September 1996 the Lawrence Heights Community Health Center and the University of Toronto received funding to carry out a Community Quality of Life Project in Lawrence Heights.

The purpose of this program was to discover the aspects of the Lawrence Heights Community that contributed to the resident's quality of life. It allowed the program to learn how individuals were able to cope and manage within the community, while having to encounter poverty, drug trafficking, and street violence. This program was able to find out that majority of the Lawrence Heights Community was predominately of Caribbean (Jamaican, and Trinidian descent) and African (Somalian, Ethiopian, and Ghanaian descent) residents. Even though the community was diversified with other races, and nationalities, black individuals suffered the most from poverty. Poverty caused young individuals to result to crime, as a method to receive an income, to support their families. After realizing this information, The Lawrence Heights Community, formed another program called Words2Live By.

The program was for young responsible people to educate other young individuals about AIDS, racism and other issues. To raise money for the community, they would perform music, and poetry, to help the local community center better there after school programs, in hope children would attend these programs, to remain motivated about their future. These after school programs that were being funded by Words2LiveBy were to decrease the murder rates, drug activity and drop out rates, occurring in numerous individuals' lives.

The Municipal Government also provides the community with affordable housing. They make sure individuals receive subsidized childcare, and welfare, so they can provide their families with food, shelter and clothing. The Municipal Government also provides services and money towards the Lawrence Heights Community Height Center, so residents can receive medical aid in form of prescription drug coverage and dental coverage. They also fund after school programs that focus on basketball, soccer and swimming.

The provincial Government also supports The Lawrence Height Community by providing money towards their education, and employment. Students, who have hopes to graduate from college or university, can receive student loans that will allow them to achieve their goals in life. In 2006, the Provincial Government formed a program known as Tropia that taught students from impoverished areas have to write resumes, and cover letters. After going through a 2-week course, they were placed in jobs that would allow them to execute their skills.

The Federal Government runs Employment services that assist individuals to find employment and beneficial jobs that can help them establish a decent lifestyle. Like the provincial government, in 2007 The Federal Government formed a program where young individuals could attend to receive a full time job. By forming this program it allowed young individuals from the community to improve socially, and to grow mentally.

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