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Giving jobless people access to the Internet will help reducing unemployment issue. Agree/disagree?

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Sep 19, 2021   #1
Some people argue that the government should give every unemployed person a mobile phone and should make sure they have access to the Internet.
They believe this is the best way of using public money to reduce the problem of unemployment.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people hold a belief that it is the responsibility of the government to provide a mobile phone to every unemployed and check out their capacity of accessing the Internet in order to decrease the rate of unemployment. While there are beneficial giving jobless people access to the Internet, I think that it is not the best method, as there are different ways of spending the national expenditures for reducing the percentage of unemployment.

In the one hand, providing phones to unemployed individuals is beneficial in some ways. Firstly, it can increase the success rate of people seeking jobs online. As a consequence of technology's development, there are more businesses and agencies recruiting employers through various social media, such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Therefore, giving jobless people permission to access the Internet will increase their chances of finding a suitable career. Moreover, there are some careers that can be done through the Internet, or social media, for example, blog management. If the individuals are allowed on Internet access, the number of options is sure higher.

In the other hand, there are more appropriate ways of spending the national budget in order to reduce the percentage of unemployment. Firstly, as the government cannot control the activities of every citizen, the methods of providing smartphones for every jobless individual seems to be impossible and inefficient, as there is no assurance that the unemployed will make full use of smartphones and the Internet as expectation. Therefore, it is more reasonable and efficient for the government to construct vocational schools for skills learning and training, in order to meet the demands and expectations of agencies. In addition, the government also can make the labour markets more flexible for hiring employers, or lend jobless citizens the capital funds to start their own businesses.

In conclusion, there are advantages of providing smartphones for citizens who are unemployed and giving permission for Internet access, however, more appropriate and efficient methods to spending national budgets in reducing unemployment rate can be made instead of the said one.
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Sep 20, 2021   #2
The student did an acceptable job in the prompt restatement but failed to provide an appropriate question response. Refer below for a specific comparison.

Response: I think that it is not the best method...

The student has created a clear response deviation. This caused a change in the reasoning presentation as well.The writer opted to use an advantage v. disadvantage reasoning presentation instead. These changes totally altered the expected response format. The writer no longer delivers the required discussion elements as required by the major scoring sections. The student must be conscious of the varying response formats and how these must be presented in essay form to recieve a proper score.

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