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Giving money to street beggars is a right thing to do or not ? State your opinion

meme444 1 / -  
Nov 10, 2018   #1

doing the right thing

In the following recent year, there has been reported an increase in the population of homeless and street beggars. In my opinion, giving money to beggars, I think it is the right thing to do. And why I feel this way, I will explore in the following essay.

The official report published by the world organization of homeless people and street beggars represents an increase in their number. The main reasons for street begging are a massive rise in unemployment. What' more is that now a day all the companies had the same requirements that require highly educated and experienced employees some people who are unable to meet these requirements often end up being unemployed due to which they are unable to pay their bills, taxes and housing rents etc

Secondly, what is certainly true is that I think we should help people in need that is if they ask for money we should not refuse because they may need some money to buy their meal or feed their young ones. My own experience demonstrates this concept that one day after work on my way back home a street beggar come up to me and asked me for some money and she told me that she needed money so that she could buy some warm clothes from a nearby thrift store for her sick son who was freezing in cold. This shows our life is full of unexpected emergencies we don't know what come's next. After all, they are also humans giving them money could help them in fulfilling their daily small necessary needs.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that helping people in need is the right thing to do.
Because it could also fix their broken feelings about people who refuse to give any money to them and create a feeling of love between us.@ meme444
Geo73 1 / 5 3  
Nov 10, 2018   #2
The essay should be longer to be more convincing and there a couple of grammatical errors you should correct. Here they are:

In the following recent year,......should be....In recent years....

now a day ... should be.... nowadays

daily small necessary needs....should be..... small daily necessary needs.

You should formulate a plan for essay then think it through. After writing re-read it and I'm sure you will come up with a splendid piece.

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