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Global use of water by three sectors such as agriculture, industry, and domestic

arisandy14 7 / 11 1  
Sep 16, 2016   #1
The statistics of water use and water consumption are presented by the graph and table in two different countries. Overall, global water use by three sectors such as agriculture, industrial use, and domestic use experienced the rise gradually. Afterwards, Brazil had the number of population as many three times as Congo. That condition affected the using of other sector where irrigated land and water consumption in Brazil were higher than Congo.

In the first year, 1990, agriculture stood at approximately 500 km and t climbed gradually to reach the peak at just about 3000 km in 2000. Following this, industrial use existed in the lowest level in the beginning year and went up steadily at 1000 in 2000. An increase of Global water use was depicted by domestic use even though it did not as significant as agriculture and industrial sector. From the first year to 2000, domestic use increased minimally approximately 300 km.

Furthermore, Brazil having the population almost more three times than Congo influenced the use of other sectors. For instance, Irrigated land in Brazil increased 26 times more than did Congo. Next, the similar proportion was also illustrated by water consumption where Brazil consumed water consumption at just about 45 times. Interestingly, it was further figure than Congo where it used water consumption 8 M only in 2000.

Windvalley 5 / 6  
Sep 17, 2016   #2
..., and domestic use experienced the rise graduallya gradual rise
-Afterwards (afterwards is not appropriate here, find another), Brazil had the number of population wasthree times as many as Congo.
Clark Kent 20 / 23 6  
Sep 17, 2016   #3
Dear Arisandy14. before i give you some advice regarding your writing, I want to start it with a few incorrect information that you have delivered here. If we take a closer look at the table, the population of Brazil was 176 million, while Congo had 5.2 million. So, its clear to state that it was not three times higher as you have written there. Logically, it was shown by the irrigated land which had a huge difference. Now, here we go.

Try this one ->

The usage of water in the world and water consumption of two countries are presented in the graph and table from year of 1900 to a century ahead. Overall, it can be seen that there were three different prominent areas using water, such as agriculture, industrial, and domestic needs. Each year, the necessity of water increased globally. For the table, Brazil was shown as the highest in population number, and other sectors, defeating Congo with a large disparity.

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