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IELTS writing task 2- global warming - cause and solution

Tienhjhjhj0201 1 / 1  
Aug 13, 2019   #1

threat to our world

Many people believe that our world is badly affectes by global warming, that can cause danger to human, animals, plants and climate. In this essay, i will explain the causes and consider what to this problem.

One of the main reason is many factories in the world emit a huge of greenhouse gases, that makes the ozonlayer thiner and thiner, so there are more lights from sun to Earth. Consequently, the temperature will be increased gradually day by day. Another reason is the forestation, the portion of covering forest are fallen with the high speed. For instance, the forests cover about 14,3 million ha in Vietnam in 1943 but in 2000 it was just about 11,8 million ha woodland.

however, there are a number of solution to reduce the global warming affect. The nation leaders should enhance the mindset os civilant about protecting environment like cultivating trees or saving forests. The authorities must becom new laws that limit the amount of gas emissions from factories and households and encourage more and more people use public transports like bus, taxi to not only reduce gases, but also can remove traffic jams

inconclusion, for the reasons above, global warming is a threat to our world but we can advoid it if we aware of saving more plants, having decrees on limiting exhausting fumes and awareness of saving Earth is prime purpose

Thangnguyen315 8 / 24  
Aug 13, 2019   #2
From my perspective, you have some grammar errors in your essay. For example, should be "a huge amount of greenhouse gases"

and we cannot put a comma before "that" in the first sentence of your first body paragraph. I recommend you to rewrite something like "One of the main reasons contributed to global warming is that many factories can release a huge amount of greenhouse gases, which ..... As a result/Consequently...


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