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Global water scarcity - a Global concern

Jun 27, 2013   #1
Global water scarcity has risen world wide concerned. Natural ecosystems require water for the survival of humans, plants and animals that live with in them. This ecosystems help to regulate water quantity and quality.

As the world population continues to expand peopel are overusing water and destroy many natural resource. Human consume water, poisnous it, waste it , without considering the consquence. Supplying enough water in the right quantity at the right time and in the right place has always been a concern. All of life depend on water. It is as important to life as air, food, and sunlight. For this reason water has always played an important role in civilization through out history. The problem with water is that there is the same amount now as there was in pre-historic times and no way to make any more of it.

The potable fresh water which the human race need is declining, Some try to turn salt water to potable fresh water which is generally known as desalination. This technique is time consuming and expensive we cant depend on it for treatment of global water shortage.There are so many causes such as global warming , cutting down forest, seasonal change, these have great impact on water sacarcity. Our live on the earth depends on water so everyone should concerned about this great natural source of life , and we should decrease consume of water and protect our environment from global warming.

We will concerned abou our future genration , because scarcity of water is the main cause of world war, and may change the life of human in a negative way, and also decline of potable fresh water is the cause of spreading water borne disease such as diarrohea and also is the major cause of poverty such as in Africa .we will try to safe water and protect water from pollution , and also protect underground water.

Jun 27, 2013   #2
we will be concerned about the next generation .
our lives on earth depends on water so everyone should be concerned about this great source
i really enjoyed reading your essay

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