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How has globalisation had an impact on transportation in your country? (changes and causes)

lhnbich 2 / 2  
Dec 8, 2018   #1

changes in the Vietnamese transport system

In era of globalization, every country will corporate to help each other with the development. As a result, Vietnam is also supported in many aspects like education, healthcare services and especially is transportation. In this essay, I will point out some changes in the Vietnamese transport system and its affects.

First of all, before the early 1960s, citizens in South Vietnam just had bicycles, so it was really difficult to travel long distances. Until when, American vonlunteers came to Vietnam to help with technology and economy, they brought the first motorbike to this country. After that, Vietnamese learned to make it and gave it a twist. Secondly, thanks to the corporation between Japan and Vietnam, a new railway is being built on district one, which provide citizens with more access to public transport. Moreover, in 2018, Vingroup company, which is from Vietnam, worked with BMW company to make Vietnamese cars and they were exhibited in Paris in October. Finally, with the investment in technology from other countries, Vietnam thesedays can join in the industrial revolution 4.0. For example, Grab app, which was brought to our country the first time by a Malaysian company in 2014, has given our citizens more chances to transfer from one place to another place by booking rides through our smart phones. Overall, globalization has facilitated a more comfortable journey for Vietnamese transport users by developing more public transport, investing road infrastructure and etc.

Corporating to develop together can be the reason to explain for these changes. For instance, Grab does not help Vietnamese in travelling easily but also rise the income for the Malaysian parent company, too. Our country also gives a hand to support other countries like rising a fund for helping Japanese when they were being effected by the tsunami in 2011.

In conclusion, globalization has a large affect on the Vietnamese development. Thanks to it, we can have a convenient life. In my opinion, we should not only support the globalization to go forward in every aspect but also keep our traditional qualities, too

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trantuandiem 2 / 5  
Dec 9, 2018   #2
for me....'which provides citizens with'
Vietnamese cars and they were exhibited=> which
investing road infrastructure and etc=>so on. Because in my knowledge, when writting they don't use 'etc'
sillyman2000 19 / 42 9  
Dec 9, 2018   #3
Hi. It is good when you cite out the timing milestones in the first paragraph, from bicycles, motorbikes and now is car. I think you should give more details in the American volunteers part, namely times and people to make your essay more informative. You should also articulate the point of how the first-car made by Vin Group company has a significant impact on our country.

In the second paragraph, you should elaborate more reasons why Vietnam can get this achievement of transportation. And then you can estimate a future scenario for Vietnam with this development.

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