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'Good contact with nature' - leisure time indoors or outdoors?

neila 1 / -  
Aug 16, 2012   #1
The free time is precious for everyone , it help us to have a sane life , and to balance between the hard work and social life .some people prefer to spend their time outsides and the others ,inside . it depend on their desire and their personality . some people don't stand to be in contact with the nature because of their life style , so they organize private activities indoors, some people can't stand to spend their time indoors and cannot stay between four walls .

Despite of the lack of parks and gardens in our country, my favorite activity is camping, it helps me to be far away from the stress, from the city , it allows me to be in contact with the nature , also , it can be the way from me to get to know my friends better. we spend our time to practice sports such as cycling , football , running and others . even though I go to camping twice a year , I keep in contact with nature with different other ways , such as climbing mountain. Climbing mountain have a double good effects , further than we stay on groups in contact with nature , it allow me to do activities which is good for the health and blood pressure. However this kind of activities boosts our esprit, and it help us to be rough to face work 's problem

Moreover , being inside does not mean that I have to be lazy , so I try to make the most of it. To keep being close to my friend , even our days are busy , the only way that we can be together is to organize a house party . we used this time to have some fun , with a karaoke , dancing , cooking and talking .the thing here is to be in contact with people .

I think that to be in contact with nature is good for our esprit also for our health and we have to be close to people because we live in community , and the both help us to move on .

ah_zafari [Contributor] 40 / 672 148  
Aug 16, 2012   #2
it depends on their desire and their personalitiesy

don't stand

Do not use contractions

their life styles

cannot stay between four wallsrestrict themselves in a closed atmosphere .

in ourmy country, (mention the name of your country), ,

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