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Good news vs bad news; What factors influence this trend? IELTS

lastielts 3 / 7  
May 20, 2011   #1
Topic:News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in
newspapers. What factors do you think influence these decisions? Do
we become used to bad news? Would it be better if more good news was

Newspaper and television is an integral part of everybody's life nowadays.They are enlightening the unpleasant activities that is happening around the World in their front page and headlines.People also give more emphasis to these in their day to day life.They have adapted to accept the harmful information and move forward.People should try to give more importance to the good deeds that is occurring in their neighborhoods and in the World.Many factors influence the decision of the editor in order to come to a conclusion about what information should reach the public immediately.This has become a common debated issue these days.

First of all,sensationalism and target rating point are the two most important influencing factors that makes a television channel to telecast a program or a news.Second of all,newspaper circulation and popularity had also produced a great impact about what information to be printed in the newspapers.These factors in turn depend on the majority of the population who read newspapers and who watch television news.For example, if we see what majority of the people in office or public places are discussing these days they discuss about the bad news.I feel that overtime,people's psychology have changed and they have suited themselves to live in this kind of environment.

In this fast moving world,where anti-socialism is on the rise,people want to protect themselves from danger.Therefore,bad news should reach the public immediately for their safety.For example,a couple of months ago there was a major natural disaster followed by nuclear explosion in one of the southeast Asian countries.In this kind of situation,to ensure the safety of the public,editors should make sure they telecast and edit the correct information.Some editors have their own personal choice and tend to print and telecast the information about what they like.For example,editors might have migrated and any news which is of no social value from their region will be given priority.These are the main factors that influence an editor to make a choice of various inputs to headlines.

Although it's an individual's choice to prioritize,if we receive the good news it will produce a positive impact and the outlook about the society amongst the population might change.Insecurities and unnecessary fear could disappear.People's psychology will change in-course of time.Instead of bad news if we start to discuss about the good things in life like love,faith and hope amongst ourselves editors will attempt to change their attitude about their choice of news.

Each and every individual should make an effort to bring about this change i would say.

Personally, i think we all should take an oath that we share the good news first followed by the bad news in order to develop a peaceful harmonious society.If the owners of the newspapers and television started to believe that they play a pivotal role in the development of a nation and strict to their morality instead of thinking that they are their business ventures the World will progress towards harmony.

Neeta 5 / 38  
May 20, 2011   #2
@Nhung Quynh-great work!

@lastielts- You are quick to grasp things :-)

Compared to previous essay this one is much better. However, I would like to mention that although you convey message or idea easily but some what lacks coherence and reasoning. For example- When dealing with situational essay, you must explain the situation in the 1st paragraph but don't mention your opinion.People should try to give more importance to the good deeds that is occurring in their neighborhoods and in the World. ---- This is as an opinion as the question asked for "Would it be better if more good news was reported?"

2nd paragraph-listed influences. Good work. But you forgot to mention reason and its impact/resultant. IELTS essay questions always ask for reason and relevant example if necessary from your experience. Make a point to reason. Let me show you how reasoning helps. Firstly- you support you idea. Secondly, in this question, reasoning automatically answers to the second question in sequence that is Do we become used to bad news?

If I were you my brainstorming would be based on format mentioned below:-

sensationalism and target rating point are the two most important influencing factors that make a television channel to telecast a program or a news-----influencebecause fear and insecurities are building up due to rivalries among corporations and countries.----reasonAs a result, media world is required to telecast the most latest report with a hope to keep their country and its men a step ahead of enemies----result but such news are not always guarantee to leave a good impact on people because psychology of people differ from each for example, many terrorist use those information in destroying the nation. On the other hand, such information may cause violence on global base if its not of their interest and a good example is riots concerning religious practice.----impact

For coherence between paragraphs use linking words. (do let me know if you wish to know about linking words).
QuynhNhung 1 / 9  
May 21, 2011   #3
Thanks for your compliment, Neeta. You are absolutely right about the lack of coherence in this essay. I reckon that this essay should add cause-effect language to make the reader easy to follow your reasoning, Vinodhini.

You can use variety of C&E language such as consequently, as a result, as a consequence, because of this, for this reason . There are also several E&C language, for instance due to, as a consequence of, as a result of .

Here are examples you can use cause and effect language to make your essay more logical and coherent

In this kind of situation, editors should make sure they telecast and edit the correct information to ensure the safety of the public. However, due to their own personal choice , some editors tend to print and telecast the information about what they like. For this reason , editors might have migrated and any news which is of no (do not have any) social values from their region. As a consequence, many editors make a choice of various inputs to headlines without any consideration and responsibility.
OP lastielts 3 / 7  
May 21, 2011   #4
Hi Neeta and Nhung,

Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback.I will use these linking words in my next essay .
Could you tell me more about these linking words ,Neeta?I will try to post a well written essay as soon
as possible.Please give your suggestions.

Many thanks,
Neeta 5 / 38  
May 22, 2011   #5

To begin with linking words are also known as organising words and if you succeed in understanding it, then reading section will be a piece of cake :-)

Have a look at following (general) clusters below:-

Cluster 1 (purpose)
In order to
to begin with
to start with
I will start by looking at
I will look at

Cluster 2 (problem)
problems....are the reason
that is the reason
be the reason that
which explains why
that would account for
the reason why

Cluster 3 (result/outcome)
as a result
this would enable/help to
this means that they would
by doing this
due to
result of
with the result that
a direct result of
effect of
have an effect/have no effect
effect on
consequence of
consequence for
the end result is that
aftereffect of
psychological aftereffects

Cluster 4(difference)
In other words
to put in differently
to look at it from another angle/perspective/point of view

Cluster 5 (factor)

Cluster 6

Cluster 7

Cluster 8

Cluster 9 ( to demonstrate different side of one object or a human )

Cluster 10 (helps in supporting idea/point)
for the reason
that is the reason
because of
be a result of/result from
just because
owing to
due to
as a result

Cluster 11 (explaining with the help of exam)
for example
for instance
a good example
is a good example
such as

Cluster 12 (writing conclusion)
To put in nutshell
In conclusion
I would like to pen down

Cluster 13 (to add further information)
in addition

Cluster 14 (to show condition)
provided that

Cluster 15 (to represent a change or different view)
in comparison
even though
then again
rather than

Cluster 16 (ways of writing solution)
the obvious solution
the obvious answer
another method is to
last but not least
the best way is to
a good idea is
one possibility is

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