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Good sense of humor plays an important role in people's life. Agree or not?

rajankharel 1 / -  
Dec 14, 2011   #1
Being happy and laugh plays a tremendious role in people life. It is believed that people can not laugh alone. Some other person simple humor ignite the gamut of happyness and laugh to the people. So I personally belived that sense of humor is one of the most important human qualities.

As a person became happy ,free from ill-will and extrovert, he/she will definately will sit other people, cracks jokes and make the people laught. At the end of the day, this behavior makes him/her more mentially healthier and happier. For instance, in my friends circle, one firends possesses good sense of humor. I always see him a happy and free instead of gloomy and melancholy even the situation is devastated. He use to seems very poise, aplomb and confident.

People likes to live with laughing and the person who make them laugh, definately they will be facinated with him. Eventually, he will be the most countable person in the group of people. Not only that, he could make many friends and which is the essential for the people life. He will be known as most affable and amicable person in the amid of his relatives and other people acquintances. On top of that, the family bond between husband and wife will be also tighten by such quality. For instance, one day my siter in law said that she use was facinated by my her husband sense of humor characteristics. I believed that his this character is one source of their good relationship.

Most of the humor tv serial became famous nowadays. People working schedure has been changed. As people become so weary, tired and fatigued by the work, he nomore want to see the televiosn program filled with tears. He/she definately want to laugh for a moment. This reason is one of the prominent causes that meke the humor tv show more popular. Similarly, the humorist actor who acts on such humour the TV serial might be rewared by more incentive, Hence, what we can say is this is one of the prominent economic benifit of being the person with good sense of humor.

Hence, the above above reason suggest that good sense of humor is important for people life
sjmiller1993 4 / 13  
Dec 14, 2011   #2
take all of the SAT words out, you have to sound like your speaking colloquially to the reader, it also sounds more sincere

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