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TOEFL; Is it a good thing to move to a new city or new country?

siebeniris 2 / 4  
Aug 20, 2011   #1
this is my essay~~thanks for any comment.

It is commonly accepted that fixed relationships with other people is beneficial to most people's life. People need long-term friends to share their happiness or pain, to help them survive the tough moments and to give their advice when trapped in trouble. So people should just live in one place without moving out. From my perspective, sometimes it is a good thing to move to a new city or a new country especially for young people for the following reasons.

First and foremost, moving to a new city or new country means a new chance for many young people. For example, many college students are eager to go abroad to further their education after their college or middle school life in their native nation. In this time, most students and other young people are just fighting for their dreams, and they can still keep in touch with their old friends in terms of nowadays highly developed communication techniques. In a word, it is a good thing for people who try their best to obtain a better education or occupation in a new place.

Secondly, as human beings, we have the original desire for exploring new things or new areas. Always living in one place will make us bored with our fixed relationships, unchanged daily affairs and immovable sceneries. Sometimes, we need to just go out into another new places, to open our minds, broaden our horizons, and to involve in a new relationship with other people. We may make new friends in the new places, which will be a unforgettable and interesting experience. It's highly possible that we would live a utterly new life in a new city or a new country.

Thirdly, sometimes losing our old friends is not a bad thing. In our life, we always make friends and lose friends except for few lifelong friends. We cannot change other people's ideas, we cannot let other people stay for us. Friends themselves are changing, and we should change as well. Mostly important, true friendship won't be terminated because of the geographical barriers. When we are still young, we should keep moving on and receiving new things, in that way, we can always catch up the pace of the world and learn the newest knowledge in the history of human beings. Losing old friends will not only make us have new friends, but also make us reflect on ourselves and improve ourselves.

In a nutshell, it is often a good thing to move to a new city or a new country, because of better education quality, new experience, and new life.
isabellaclaudia 14 / 31  
Aug 20, 2011   #2
great essay but there are some minor grammatical errors

fixed relationships ... are
to give them advices when trapped in any trouble

we always lose friends except for A few longlast friends.

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