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Essay about should the goverment funding for school fees

Jean Jatarin 1 / -  
Nov 22, 2021   #1
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In many countries today increasing number of people study at university. Students, who will probably earn higher than average salaries after graduating, should pay for their own higher education, rather than state.

What are your views?

Nowadays, the number of pupils who enroll in colleges has become higher and higher than before. An abundance of governments endows very high money to facilitate candidates implementing tertiary education. Some people claim that pupils who certainly receive wages above the averages should pay for their school fees instead of the government. From my point of view, I disagree with this notion for some reasons behind.

First of all, the government is the sponsor, not the payer. The currency is used to endow to those pupils today will become the best investment in the future. We all know that a strong country is operated by talented individuals. The scholarship is never given to the worthless one. If students desire to gain the scholarship, they will have to show that they are worth to be invested through their scores, projects, and knowledge. As the result, the scholarship only belongs to the well-deserved person. Paying tuition fees for candidates does not only support them to complete their studies but is also equipment aiding the government to seek genius.

In other perspectives, funding in school fees could allow poverty pupils to have opportunities to keep on their studies. As we can see, university tuition is not small finance that all of the families have enough ability to send their child to. Moreover, taking student debts helps students realize the value of money, so they will have more effort on the learning process to gain the best achievement.

The bottom line, as an ungraduated candidate I feel like there is no negative effect if the government endow in the tuition fees. As I mentioned above, the government is just a sponsor, not the payer. We would have this support if we were deserved it, if not, we would have a loan that we have to pay back when we found a job.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,037 4251  
Nov 23, 2021   #2
has become higher and higher than before

This is a very elementary form of word usage and referencing. This is not the way a college graduate would write an academic paper. it is imperative that you learn to use more academic and western ways of delivering your ideas. That means, avoiding such elementary words. It would have been more academic to have referred to "has increased" or "continues to increase over time."

I disagree with this notion for some reasons behind.

This is an empty thesis statement. It is empty because it fails to establish the discussion platforms for the 2 reasoning paragraphs. An effective thesis statement will state the topics that will be discussed in support of your opinion. The sentence should be phrased as "I disagree with this opinion because (reason 1) and (reason 2)." The task requirements will be more than met with such a statement presentation.

the government is the sponsor, not the payer.

Incorrect. The government is the sponsor, hence, the payer. The payments are taken from the collected taxes from the people. These taxes are allocated to government sponsored universities and colleges. The government represents the people, whose taxes go to supporting the studies of their children for free. Therefore, it may be correct that the students payback the tuition fees when they graduate to help those who will also benefit from the subsidized education program. Do you see the error of your argument?

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