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The government have duty to solve the childhood obesity problem

phghienle 1 / -  
May 20, 2021   #1

who is responsible to solve obesity problem among kids?

in many countries, children are becoming overweight and unhealthy. some people think that this is the responsibility of government to solve the problem.
first of all, by my consent i think this problem is a rising issue in many countries. according to statitsics, this condition is most common children aged 10 to 19. at this age, children tend to choose some food like fast food, junk food,... and lazy to participate in physical activities. the government have duty to solve the problem through basic methods such as organize physical education classes in school, create menu with reasonable nutrition. it is necessary for the government to conduct offical conferences and news on the symtoms and effect of obesity to raise public awareness. advertising about healthy food on tv at the time for children result in they will feel simulated by that food and want to try it.

by contrast, i think the primary reason of this problem is eating habits in family. parents often let their children eat and dink according to their references. to this situation, parents should have a diet management.

to conclue, it is essential for children to have balanced diet for healthy growth and the government, school, parents get together to help them.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,678 4113  
May 22, 2021   #2
Let us start with the most basic requirement . of a task 2 essay. That is, an essay of 250 words. What we have here is an essay of 206 words. While the discussion presented can still be scored it may not receive a passing mark due to a pre-scoring deduction based on the - word count. A specific TA percentage deduction will be applied based on the under word count presentation. The more words you lack towards 250 the higher your deductions. This will have a marked contribution to your over all low score. Will you fail because of this? There is a high likelihood of that happening. always remember to use the standard 4 paragraph format for your responses. Use 5 paragraphs whenever required by the prompt.

Next, there is a total disregard for formatting and grammar rules in this presentation. You do not present an accurate prompt restatement nor discussion reson. You failed to use capital letters where required (at the start of every new sentence ), and the sentence structures / word formations are difficult to follow and understand. These errors relate to the C & C and GRA scores, both will be failing at this point.

I cannot continue to review your essay at this point. There is no way it will get even a base passing score. Try to improve on the points indicated here first then we can focus on the specific errors. As of now, fix the basic writing problems first.

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