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IELTS TASK 2: The Government Should Fund Education and Healthcare Sectors Free for Residents

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Nov 24, 2015   #1
All education and healthcare should be funded by the government and free for everyone.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Some people believe that the government should provide a government funding for education and health sectors and make it free for citizens. I totally agree with this notion that the government have to concern to both of two sectors because these is basic sectors which will grow a country.

Education and healthcare are two important of resident basic needs which must be conferred by the government. A country must have educated people to develop their own country. A health is also a basic human need which confer people feeling happy. The healthier citizens are, the higher government development is. So, both of them have to be assured by a government because those determine the government progress.

Making clearly, some European countries can be an example for a government who apply free tuition fee for their own school and Singapore also become an example for the best education country. Free tuition fee offers an opportunity for citizens obtaining an education. They can evolve their ability and knowledge so that the government also get advantages like having a proffesional worker in each field. We know about Singapore that they have the best education in the world and Singapore is one of the developed country. Good education and developed country are identical things. It is not vastly different with healthcare expense. If the government guarantee the healthcare fee, inhabitants will feel comfortable because they can work professionally without worried. Moreover, old people can feel happy in their retired time.

Finally, if both of them are fulfilled by the government, there are no worries for residents and they can focus with their self-development. The government and residents can be considered as interdependence.

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