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WRITING TASK 2: Should government funding be used for new house instead of restoring old building ?

henderyluu 1 / 1  
Sep 2, 2021   #1

Funds for architectural infrastructure

Arguments regarding cities' infrastructure developments have gained much contemporary attention in recent years. A large amount of public budget being allocated for old buildings' refurbishments has raised much opposition since it is believed to be more worthy to spend such funding on building more houses and roads. From my perspective, I believe that the government funding should not be utterly focused on any development, but should be evenly divided for both such purposes.

To commence with, constructing modern buildings and roads is claimed to be a superior mission for a range of factors. The first underlying reason behind this proposal is the proliferating demands of accommodations in metropolises nowadays. Owing to the urbanization occurring significantly in cities, dramatic escalations have been recorded in the numbers of urban populations and as a result, more houses are needed in order to accommodate citizens. Besides, establishing new streets may deliver social advantages, as well as the improvement in road safety. As new roads are introduced in municipalities, city-dwellers are presented with a plethora of options to travel during rush hours, which results in a significant reduction in the rate of traffic jams. Moreover, the figures of road accidents can be mitigated once overcrowding in particular roads is eradicated.

On the other hand, renovating antique buildings in cities should also be placed emphasis on for several reasons. Firstly, such old institutions can become promising sources of income for cities. According to a survey, foreign travelers are inclined to visit and take pictures of local ancient and historical places; therefore, old buildings can be seen as cities' potential tourist sites. As a result, huge revenues can be made regularly by commercializing such constructions. Secondly, historical institutions can heavily stimulate artists' inner creativity with their antique beauty and underlying stories. For instance, a rich variety of pieces of fine arts were inspired by the image and structure, as well as the history of the famous One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi and undoubtedly, they are highly appreciated and acclaimed by both the public and the critics.

In conclusion, weighing both sides of the argument, I wholeheartedly believe that constructing new houses and roads as well as restoring old institutions are equally crucial in the development of cities and therefore, even amounts of money should be spent on both purposes.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,584 3758  
Sep 3, 2021   #2
The essay is well- written and addresses the prompt considerations quite well. The writer has a good grasp of the English language and has minimal grammar errors. The reasoning is sound based on believable reasons. It is obvious that he put great thought into the analysis of valid discussion points. The essay is well-developed. In as much as the writer did an admirable job in writing this essay, these are not all plus points that will result in an ideal score. The essay has a major flaw in the presentation, the word count.

The main consideration for scoring well in this essay is the writing time. The essay needs to be concise and precise in writing style within 300 words or 40 minutes, whichever comes first. Ideally, the writer should be able to analyze the prompt, outline the discussion, and draft the essay within 30 minutes. The final 10 minutes should be spent proofreading and editing the essay. It is this writing procedure that helps meet the all important C + C requirements. 3-5 sentences, direct to the point, will produce the needed results.

Do not overdiscuss as done in this presentation. Over-analysis does not help in a task 2 essay because the presentation tends to focus on unnecessary fillers and LR presentations as well. Balance the presentation across all requirements. The format I am suggesting can help achieve that.
OP henderyluu 1 / 1  
Sep 3, 2021   #3
@Holt Wholeheartedly thank you so much for your feedback, I will definitely try my best to avoid the same mistake. Hope to receive more from you in the future <3
BlackNikeSock 1 / 3 1  
Sep 3, 2021   #4
Great essay, Easy to read and direct and to the point!
killashaw 1 / 2  
Sep 4, 2021   #5
It is a perfect essay. I learned more through this essay.
Christinaduong 1 / 3  
Sep 14, 2021   #6
It's a perfect essay, i've learned a lot of new words here.
hoangdepzai3904 1 / 3  
Sep 14, 2021   #7
i think it's good, i have make up my mind when read this

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