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Government should not limit scientific studies and growth

Hello! I am a student from China. This is the first issue of mine for GRE test. I appreciate your critical comment on it very much! Thank you!

ISSUE69 - "Government should place few, if any, restrictions on scientific research and development"

Should government place as few as possible restrictions on scientific research and development´╝č I strongly agree with the conclusion that government should not restrict scientific research and development, and instead it should encourage innovation in science research. The opponents would argue that scientific progresses are not beneficial but seriously harmful to society and human. In my view, it's the dangerous utilization and application of scientific fruits that government should place restriction on rather than the scientific research and development itself.

The government should not be biased and prejudiced to any scientific research and developments by unfairly assuming that it's meaningless and useless at all or even harmful to human and society. At first place, the progress and improvement of our society is on the basis of the scientific progress. They are milestones in the human history of development that the first and second industrial revolutions and information technological innovation. Secondly, scientific research is innovative activities consisting of free imaginations and logical reasons and proves. Citizens especially scientists in democratic society should be endued the rights of freedom in thinking and researching. At last, the scientific research is process to exploit unknown region and pursue truth that should not be restricted but encouraged even if its product may be deleterious to some extent. After all, if you don't have a try, then how dare you say it's harmful and should be limited.

On the other hand, sage government should encourage and uphold the creative and innovative activities which would promote the progress and thrive of society. Admittedly, so many technologies and inventions have been created due to the support and incentive of government. For example, the first compute which was invented for calculating the moving orbit of missiles by University of Pennsylvania. The Internet from which worldwide people largely benefit is progressed on the basis of a web system used by American military internally. Further, government should support the development of some scientific programs that seems not profitable in short time but may be beneficial to our offspring in long-term. Corporation or individuals are not willing to investigate in this kind of programs or these programs are so expensive that individuals are unable to undertake the tasks lonely. The exploit plan of Mars is one example of the programs which are entirely funded by government to seek for trace of human and conditions necessary for human survive. Absolutely, human will gain great benefit from the program if it succeeds at last considering the rapid development of human and finite capability of the earth.

The government should not restrict the scientific research itself but circumscribe the utilizations and applications even if the research seems to be deleterious to human and society. There are no perfectly secure technologies or entirely harmful research in the world. Nuclear weapons and atom bombs which were invented on the basis of nuclear technology bring to human the honor and death, however the nuclear technology could be used to generate a large amount of clean nuclear energy which can diminish the dependence on the finite fossil fuel. It illustrates that we would benefit rather than suffer from the scientific research and development as long as we utilize the research results and technology appropriately.

In sum, government should not place restrictions on science research and development. If necessary, it's more suitable to restrict the un-proper utilizations of the research results and technologies.

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In your first paragraph, you say the gov should not restrict it, but then you say the gov SHOULD restrict harmful practices. So, you say 2 different things. You should revise that paragraph to be clear about what your argument is.

... be biased and prejudiced toward any scientific research (...) assuming that it's they are meaningless ...
At In the first place, the progress (...) society is made on the basis of ...
... the history of human history of development and foundational ...

... largely benefit is progressed based on the basis of a web system used by ...

... harmless areas of research. in the world.

Keep on reading, and practice reading English aloud so that your sill will continue to improve! :-)
I think his point is: government should not put restrictions on scientific research, but should control how the result of science to be used.

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