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The government should prohibit the businesses to engage with the fast-food industry

Oct 3, 2021   #1

Should government regulate the fast food industries in the same way that regulate the drug, alcohol

Many people claim that the government should regulate the fast food industries in the same way that regulates the drug, alcohol, tobacco industries. I agree with this idea. It's not only harmful to our health but also does not ensure hygiene.

Fast food is harmful to our health, especially our children. Firstly, the components of them have too much oil, favor, and addictives in, which easily make diseases. It can lead to obesity, high-pressure blood, or serious cancer. Secondly, it doesn't have enough nutrition for our body to develop. We are likely to lack nutrition; Moreover, in its ingredients, there have materials that make addiction. We are so uneasy to hold back our appetite. For instance, in 1980 in England, there had a girl who just ate potatoes for life. She ate about 73kg of potatoes at an average rate daily. As the result, she is obese now. Her weight reached 170kg when she was 21 years old. She can't be able to stand up or going around. For this reason, we have to ban the industry's activities.

Moreover, we don't know exactly that fast food is clear or not. These food are made by some companies which maybe don't have any permit. Also, we do not know if the ingredients of this food are unfresh. Do we know if the worker doesn't take the gloves or wash their hands before working? As I remembered, I saw a worm in a bread I had just bought in the lovely morning in the past. It's so disgusting.

In conclusion, I think the government should prohibit the business actives of the fast-food industry. It is not suitable for eating at any time of the day.
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Oct 7, 2021   #2
I agree with this idea.

Seeing as there was no specific Agree or disagree response choice for this direct . statement, you could have varied the response by using a Yes or No response instead. The yes or no option appears to be more applicable in this case since there is only one - for you to comment on. Varying the actual response will help you show a wider response format style as well. buch an ansever is also more attuned to your response thesis.

For instance, in 1980

Use a more recent sample since fast food items are already somewhat regulated by the FDA and Department of health in every country. The age of the information, being over 41 years old makes it appear researched. The example provided also does not contain a connection to fast food preparation in the 21st century. You are using early 20th century data instead.

is clear

What needs to be clear about fastfood.It has to be CLEAN. A word choice error and it's subsequent improper use in the sentence occurred.

The writer understood the topic and delivered a mostly cohesive and coherent discussion. However, there are still vocabulary and reference errors that will lower the score.
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Oct 7, 2021   #4
Try not to rewrite what has been used in the question and use conjunctions to connect sentences together. For example, you can write "the components of them contain high oil, flavors, and additives, which are the main cause of obesity, high-pressure blood and some cancers". Check your spelling as well.

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