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Government should protect environment and provide education / health care

mohamedhashem 1 / -  
Mar 25, 2020   #1

Environment, human life and government's role

please mention to any mistakes regarding the grammer , vocublary or sentence structure ?

Governments should spend as much as possible on protecting environments, and adequate money should also be spent on other things such as education and health care.

Protection of the environment has become more urgent nowadays than before, noting other changes such as climate change and other natural disasters where a person cannot abolish such damage, but only reducing it. Therefore, the protection of environments must be our top priority, in addition to the importance of education and health care because educated and healthy people will be a good investment because they will protect the environment instead of destroying it, so there is a great responsibility on the people and governments to help in this cause.

The government should educate people to be environmentally friendly , encourage them to use the recycling of paper, glass and other products by giving them incentives, reusing jars , using biodegradable packaging, applying heavy fines to factories that produce more smoke by burning fossils or discharging their waste in the wrong way , working to grow more Trees to absorb carbon dioxide from the air, establish a stricter rule for people who cut down trees and keep the green belt around the city clear of buildings to prevent deforestation and encourage people to use upgraded cars and impose taxes and also prevent bad models from taking a license .

cooperate with environmentalists and give them the support and funds to involve more people in conversation programs to safeguard more forests and hold more summits to increase the people awareness.

with more government help and people awareness to control their natural behavior we could reduce the damage a little bit and save millions of people around the world from dying from expecting drought and flooding affected by human damages and pollution and save millions of tree and many endangered species and this cause should be a first priority for all human-being.
Gabriela123 2 / 1  
Mar 25, 2020   #2
The objective of this writing is not clearly stated. Please state the object to guide us
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,304 3989  
Mar 25, 2020   #3
This writing is a combination of 2 different Task 2 essay topics. As such, it will be difficult to review it for proper discussion approach and paragraph content. So I will do as you asked and simply limit my review to your grammar issues. Next time, please provide the original prompt along with your discussion for a more accurate review of your work.

For a task 2 essay, you should be writing only 275-290 words. That is the ideal number of words to write within 40 minutes. Any more than that and you are risking one of two things: (1) not finishing the essay on time and scoring low because of it or , (2) not being able to review, revise, and edit the essay for a higher possible overall score. Either way would mean a bad result for your final score.

Remember that your paragraphs will be considered incomplete and representing a run-on sentence, not a complex sentence, when you have less than 3 sentences presented. In this case, your opening paraphrase is a run-on sentence. Based on what you wrote, it would have easily met the 3 sentence requirement for simple and complex sentences if you had only separated the presentations into single sentences instead of one long sentence. Upon further review, your presentation did not improve throughout the essay, the same mistake exists in every "paragraph" presentation.

You have punctuation errors in the presentation as well. Do not place a period within the middle of a sentence. A period indicates the end of a sentence and the start of another one. The word after a period is always capitalized. You made that error in this essay at least twice.

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