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Is our government should provide a high level of health care for all its citizens?

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Jan 19, 2017   #1

more concentration to the health care in Taiwan

Becoming aware of the importance of their health , people in Taiwan are now paying more attention to the medical care, which is now provided mainly by our national health of insurance. Our government is financially stable, so it should provide sufficient support to people through medical care.

All people are created equal. Nonetheless, different people have different requirements, and thus an appropriate medical care should be arranged to meet the need of various groups of people. First and foremost, the government should provide each person basic medical care, such as giving people inexpensive accesses to medication. Besides, paying for emergency services should be also included. Last but not least, a government which deserves respect would never neglect the welfare of the poor and disabled by offering them both long term care medical care and personal medical treatment.

Despite the providing of partial medical care from our country, most people who are able to work also have the responsibility for paying for treatments which they need helping the poor to reduce their medical burdens.

To conclude, it doesn't matter if people are rich or poor, the color of their skin, whether they are male or female, their sexual orientation, who they vote for, whether they were educated, if they have a faith or no faith at all. Nothing matters other than a patient is a precious human life. Thus, all citizens have the right to enjoy a good quality of health care provided by the government and every competent people.

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Jan 19, 2017   #2
Kalmia kindly provide us with the complete IELTS prompt that you are required to respond to. I would like to assess your essay for compliance with the other prompt requirements. At the moment, I cannot properly review your essay because I do not know the kind of response that you are expected to provide. What I can review for you at the moment is the presentation of the essay.

I am very sad to say that the essay is confusing to read, lacks cohesiveness, does not have a coherent presentation, and seems to go around in circles discussing the same thing over and over again in the same paragraph. I am referring to the second paragraph where you cannot seem to get out of the explanation that the government should provide quality healthcare for all the citizens of your country. I believe that the problem stems from a lack of understanding of the prompt requirements. That is something that I can confirm once I have a copy of the actual prompt already.

The third paragraph does not have enough discussion development to properly present your argument in the paragraph. It should build upon the reasons why those who work should help to pay for the healthcare of those in need. In reference to that, it contradicts your first statement that the government should give quality healthcare to everyone regardless of status in life or other considerations.

Your essay actually deviates from the prompt because you first discuss the quality of healthcare the government should provide and then the next half of the essay discusses free healthcare. Which one is the real topic of the prompt? I am really confused by the essay response that you have provided. I will not score this as an essay that could pass in an actual exam setting.

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