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4. A government's role is only to provide defense capability and urban infrastructure

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Oct 29, 2011   #1
4. A government's role is only to provide defense capability and urban infrastructure (road, water supplies...). All other services (education, health, social security) should be provided by private groups or individuals in the community. To what extent do you agree or disagree? (Insearch prepare for Ielts

happy to see all of you who comment my essay. thank so much.

The division of responsibility of government and private groups or individuals in the community is controversial. Some people claim that defense and urban infrastructures are the mere duty of government and all other services should be the task of private groups or individuals. However, others are of the belief of opposing idea. I totally agree with the latter view.

First of all, it is argued that government is the unique organization which has authority of defense capacity and infrastructures. It is likely that the security of a nation is crucial, and if regulated by companies, the top secrete can be revealed and the destiny of a country can be put in jeopardy. However, it is undeniable that hardly can the transparency be achieved if only government is totally responsible for defense issue. In addition, Proponents also believe that infrastructures such as road, water supplies require a huge amount of investment; therefore, private groups or individuals can little afford or achieve the common standard. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that despite government's efforts, it takes ages for them to complete the construction of a big road in a place, let alone to industrialize the whole nation. Vietnam is a typical example of a country in which government is stagnating in upgrading infrastructure. In other words, the intervention of private groups especially funding is indispensable to quicken the process of renovating the infrastructures.

Second, it is thought that health, education and social security are of personal choice. It is partly true that on the basic of individual demand, some might want to pursuit highest educations whereas others are satisfied with only university degree. With people having high income, regular check-ups is important to them, yet is unnecessary to others who suffer the lower income. However, to develop a country each person should be granted to equitable chance of education and health. With citizens having knowledge and strong heath, a nation can enjoy high quality labor. Furthermore, by no means can all enjoy these services in case that private organizations are purely in charge. The fact is that for the sake of profit, education could be commercialized and health insurance becomes too costly for people. That explains why until now those exists prevalently the mushrooming of public schools and free public health insurance in many countries. Put it simply, nowhere can a nation's labor force quality be high as well without government taking care of other services, say, education and health insurance.

To sum up, it is by dint of the responsibility of government and private groups or individuals in all fields, including defense, urban infrastructures and other services that a nation can enjoy the sustainable development with defense achieving transparency, infrastructures gaining the renovation and nation receiving high skilled labor force.
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Nov 1, 2011   #2
high- quality labor
some might want to pursuitpursue highest educations, whereas others are satisfied with only a university degree.
those exists
I recommend you strongly a thesis statement .. I mean, a direct answer to the question, end of your intro. with three reasons X, Y, and Z

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