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The government should sometimes infringe on people's freedom for the security of society.

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Mar 25, 2020   #1

interference of government to people' privacy

It is a common belief that the interference of government to people' privacy is unacceptable. However, i firmly believe that the government can infringe on people's freedom in order to protect them in serveral emergences and to make sure that safety regulations are obligated.

To begin with, protecting individuals from danger is the first magnitude of government. That is because, nowadays, the crimes are more than before and that go with a lot of risks, which not only threaten to people's life but also influence badly to entire country. For example, in vietnam, there is a command that the traffic police can impose the doubting drivers to stop and check what they are bringing. Although that is intrusive and many people feel it is unnecessary, to control the risks, they have to do that.

In addition, violating people's freedom right is to ensure the safety regulations are followed. Certain jobs can bring danger to each other if the employees do not act safely and responsibly. In this regard, it is important to ensure employees followed safety rules even if their right are intruded during the process. Take an example of the bus or plane driver cases. Their job expect enough responsibility and capacity. Therefore, requiring these people check medical tests is to make sure that are healthy and capable. This is essential to guarantee that these people are not putting lives of others in danger.

To conclude, because the duty of government is to protect people, therefore, every person should understand and follow the government's safety regulation.

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Mar 25, 2020   #2
I am not sure if you wrote this as a part of a Task 2 essay writing practice or if you are just writing a general essay given a specific topic. Either way, the main problem that I see with your work has to do with the clarity of the discussion. You have to do more sentence completion exercises before you start to write essays. Most of your sentences are difficult to understand because of the improper word choices. It creates difficulty in understanding what you are trying to say. Here is a tip, don't write too much in a sentence. Keep it short. Work on using simple vocabulary for now. Don't over complicate your writing exercise. Focus on learning how to make yourself understood first. That start, with learning how to properly structure an English sentence. So work on English sentence exercises alongside your essay writing sessions. That would be the best way to improve the main problem with your writing style / skills.

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