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IELTS: What can governments do to encourage children to eat a healthier diet?

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Aug 23, 2018   #1
Please help me with my essay. Thank you very much.

What can governments do to encourage children to eat a healthier diet?

Children's health also in the hands of government

Children's health plays a vital role in the growth of country; however, most people are less concerned about children's health. The deterioration in their health has increased recent years because of their bad eating habit. Therefore, governments should take measures to raise awareness along with boosting children to eat a healthier diet.

The first point I should mention is that governments should bring out some rules to regulate the food industries. In particular, governments can require food producers to fortify their products with vitamins and hygiene substances. Consequently children would eat healthier food without having to change their habits. However, this would be unpopular and expensive for food producers.

Another feasible approach which I should say is that government should regulate school meals owing to the fact that school meal could institute the majority of children's food consumption. Furthermore, government could require schools to provide healthy food and drink for students including breakfast, lunch and dinner if possible. The positive consequence is that children would have healthy meals every day. But this would not prevent children from bringing unhealthy packed food or going out to fast food outlets.

Besides, governments should ask school to include cooking as an official curriculum. Moreover, schools must choose healthy eating patterns that contain less sugar and fat in order to teach students. According to this, children know which food contains nutrition, take pride in their cooking and transfer these skills to their home. The drawback is that schools may not have the facilities to teach cooking.

In conclusion, governments should take children's health as a matter urgency. Not only the government but also the school are responsible for this problem.

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Aug 23, 2018   #2
you should give examples or further explain by illustrations with each measure. and you should briefly state mentioned measures in conclusion. Otherwise your overall essay is good.

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