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Governments should invest as much in the arts as they do in the military.

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Sep 11, 2012   #1
Please evaluate


Education is the base of any child.In order to stand independently in the society one has to be educated.Education helps in inculcate knowledge and etiquette in us.As the arguments says,I agree in both ways.Both teaching of morality and logical reasoning should be the part of education.These two terms are inter-related to each other.

Our society is full of rituals and moral values which need to be followed by each and every people of the society.These morals values and ethics are as important as other subjects which are taught in the schools.Eg. If we compare two child one is both intellectual sound and morally correct and on the other hand a child who is only intellectually sound,this huge contrast will make huge difference in their nature.The former child will be pristine and will respect elders where as the former is trenchant in his or her behavior.Although these behavior will not make much difference during their childhood but in the long run the later child will be left behind because of the absent of the moral value in it.

These moral values can be taught in the school.There can be various subjects added to the curriculum which teach the students how to behave with the elders,help them to learn etiquette and preclude them from doing cheating and embezzlement or theft.This behavior will eventually will be reflected in the society.These moral values can be instilled only during their childhood and they will remain with them during their lifelong.

Logical reasoning is generally used when we are talking about what we should taught students in terms of enhancing their intellectual.There are many subjects like history,geography,science,math etc. which provide them the requisite knowledge to move further in life.These subjects only impart knowledge to them.Although it is true that knowledge is the soul of education but what is the use of that knowledge if the student is not behaving properly in the class and disturbing the other students.

In conclusion,I would like to say that to make a society flourishing there is need to adapt both morality and logical reasoning in our education system.Moreover,apart from teachers parents can also play an important role in providing morality to his or her child.

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Sep 18, 2012   #2
Two things:

1. There should be a space after comma.
2. This, for example: "a society flourishing there is a need to.."

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