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Governments must invest this money in public services instead of arts. Do you agree or disagree?

Jul 4, 2019   #1

spending money on arts

Nowadays, we are living in the world where the evolution of arts is a heated topic and often discussed. It is commonly believed that focusing in the arts is not an optimal approach to invest a lot of money whilst I believe that investing in spurring the development of arts is essential, I would also argue that the government should concentrate public services and facilities.

It is vital that the government spends a significant amount of its budget on public services because some services such as hospitals, schools, roads are really important for people, it also decide the quality of their life. Having not well-qualificated hospitals, people are not treated. Unless the nation do not have proffesional schools, young generations will not be provided high education quality. Moreover, investing the public services can accelerate the development of nation in both economic and cultural. For instance, in Viet Nam, government rarely ignore the facilities and public services and they frequently find some new solutions to make their country become great. Education and tourism are especially focused and now this application from it can bring profit and a lot of advantages for government.

However, this does not mean that the arts should be completely neglected. It can not deny that arts have an important role of nation. The first thing can be mentioned is music which help people alleviate stress after nerve-racking time.

Furthermore, the value of history and culture may be preserved and maintained for a long time so young generation understand about the core values that ancient people built. Besides, the arts are the face of nation, which advertise the beauty of traditional cultural so the nation will acquires an international reputation. It is also strengths of country to provide tourism services so the government can receive a lot of benefits from it.

In conclusion, although the majority of government spending should be directed towards public services, spending money on the arts is not a waste and should continue. A balance is required to ensure public services are maintained whilst the arts remain available to all.
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Jul 4, 2019   #2
Hello there!

Use more appropriate transition words because the structure kind of gets lost in the process.

Furthermore, try to also be more specific. If you are tackling about public services, what specifically are you talking about? This also means that you should be able to show how these play out in real life. If you can give out a concrete example, the better it would be for your writing.

Aside from that, I think that your writing is already put-together as you were able to integrate the right balance of complexity and simplicity. Just adding depth will help you curate more substantive content.

Best fo luck as always.

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