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[TOEFL]Governments should spend much money on exploring outer space?

yin 12 / 38  
Jan 16, 2010   #1
Here is my essay. I'm going to take the exam. Please help me comment on it.
Thanks so much.

Some people think governments should spend as much money as possible on exploring outer space (e.g traveling to the moon and to other planets). Other people disagree and think governments should spend this money on our basic needs on Earth. Which of these two opinions do you agree with? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

basic needs vs outer space?

There is no doubt that many people think that governments should spend much money on exploring outer space because they may think that in the future, the earth will not be a good place for human beings to live due to more and more serious environmental problems and the increase in population. In my opinion, this is merely a seemingly sensible idea. In deed, I believe that governments should spend this amount of money on people's basic needs on Earth. There are many reasons.

First of all, instead of spending a great deal of money on something we are not sure such as finding a new planet outside the earth to live or traveling to the moon, investing that amount of money in the basic needs such as food and clothes for the poor turns out to be a more effective way because it helps improve living standard of the earth's citizen. Once people's lives are not guaranteed, or their daily meals are not satisfied, all governments' policies turn to be ruined. In my country, Viet Nam, I'm very proud of my government because they always care about the basic needs of people. Investment in education and healthcare is the government's priority. Therefore, in my country, although people are still poor, they always live with happiness and optimism. The government has succeeded in building the confidence of citizens, which encourages them to try their best to develop our country more and more.

Second, there are still many problems in the earth that need money to solve, especially environmental issues. Therefore, the fact that governments spend lots of money to find something vague outside the earth is unnecessary. In deed, nowadays, our environment has seriously polluted. Day and night, we drink contaminated water, we breathe polluted air with full of dust and dirty smoke. Companies continuously emit pollutants into the rivers and surely this real situation will be non - stop because of profits. The only solution is that there is interest of governments in these problems. Governments' investment in environmental technology instead of exploring outer spaces will guarantee the rights of producers and the sustainability of our environment.

In conclusion, I advocate the idea that governments should spend lots of money on basic needs on earth instead of studying outer space. The two main reasons I have given is that for one thing, this helps improve living standard of global citizens, for another thing, there are environmental issues that urgently need solving on earth. I believe that by this way, the governments can establish confidence of citizens to them and this world will become a better place to live.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jan 20, 2010   #2
... an idea that seems sensible. In actuality , I believe that ...

... are not sure about , such as finding ... to live on or traveling to ... effective way, because ... living standards of the earth's citizen.

... the earth that we need to spend money to ...

You will do very well! Your English is excellent. These mistakes are minor.


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