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governments should try to promote alternative energy resources?

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Jan 21, 2010   #1
i am preparing for ielts, however, my writing skill is not good.could u check this essay for my mistakes. i will be really pleased to see my mistakes pointed out by you.

thanks so much

Governments should make more effort to promote alternative sources of energy.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Recently, scientists, politicians as well as public media means have announced that if people continue to use energy in the way they are doing, in the short time, humankind will have to confront with lack of energy resources. Therefore, many people around the world have urged governments to promote in order to create and find new sources of energy. The question whether or not governments should try to carry out this project is controversial.

Obviously, with alternative resources such as wind energy, sunlight energy or tomb energy, people can reduce demand for fossil energy the limited resources like gas, coal. It is predicted that in the future, there will be a lack of energy due to increase in the global population and industries. However, the need of humankind for energy can be meet when alternative resources which are considered to be unlimited are created.

However, people can face to many problems during the process of alternative resource of energy. Taking process of recycling rubbish for an example. Many people believe that with this process, people can not just reduce the amount of waste given off caused of land pollution, water source under surface of the earth, but also make new energy source for people's demand. Nevertheless, in fact, instead of polluting the land, when people burn rubbish, smoke made by this process leads to polluted air environment. So, with this solution, we cannot reduced the level of pollution. Even atom energy which is consider the most effective and powerful solution can result in some issues. When governments develop this kind of energy, they have to spend a large amount of money, high technology, and it seems impossible in many developing and poor countries. It will be not effective if governments invest finance in this field, meanwhile other basic need of their residents such as demand for foods, clothes, medicine, accommodation cannot be meet.

In a word, I agree that governments should manage to find new energy so that meet the rise in humankind's energy demands. However, it does not mean that they should spend money on it as much as possible. All things governments try to do are in order to improve living standard for citizens in their countries, but they will be meaningless if basic demand of people cannot be meet. Therefore, it is more important that governments should balance their budge between new sources of energy and basic demand of people.

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