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Should grade 12 University level English be a requirement for entry into all university programs?

lonelypeach 1 / -  
Jul 5, 2017   #1
Hi, so Im currently taking a grade 12 English course and the assignment we got was to write a blogpost,
now this is the instructions my teacher left us:

Should grade 12 University level English be a requirement for entry into all university programs?
Support your opinion with reasons.

Use the following checklists to ensure that you are meeting the expectations for the blog post
Effective Blog Post Checklist

Effective title;
Well-developed sentences and paragraphs (occasional one-sentence paragraphs and sentence fragments may be used for a specific effect);
Informal tone and word choice that is still respectful of audience;
Conversational level of language. Use first person;
Proofread your post before you publish to ensure there are no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors that could affect your reader's ability to understand your ideas;

AND this is my blogpost (btw I haven't changed the wordings so i still need to paraphrase most!, also if you have any ideas or feedback please do let me know asap because this is due in 2 hours)

Why Grade 12 University English is a necessity for University:

"The limits of my language means the limits of my world."
― Ludwig Wittgenstein

As Ludwig Wittgenstein is expressing in this quote, language is essential for the human mind to communicate, create and share anything with value to the world. In order to survive and actually do well in university, one must first master the skills of grammar, critical thinking, interpreting, communicating effectively, and analyzing, all which are important to have as a young adult that can only be achieved through taking grade 12 university level English.

Think about it, it doesnt matter whether youre working as a journalist or as a cartoon animator, if you cant even properly structure your sentences with certainty-intelligence, who will even take you seriously Most people dont even realize that Much of our day-to-day conversations are not correct in the formal, grammatical sense. In order to communicate properly in both speaking and writing, it is important to study the English language and to understand the rules that govern it. Not only does English class expose you to great ideas and other great minds, it teaches you history and provides you with cultural context within which to understand everything else.

For example, In the book 1984, Orwell describes a world that is constantly simplifying the vocabulary of the people. In this world, there is only GOOD or BAD, HOT or COLD, LIGHT OR DARK. Also, they outlawed words like FREEDOM, REVOLUTION, AND PEACE. Big Brother ruled that only the words they deemed acceptable would be used by the people. Without these words How would you describe the warm ocean breeze as you watched the sun melt away on a summer's eve? How would you even be able to think of a concept of freedom is you had no word to describe it? Could you carry out a revolution?

Human behaviour and language coalesce in such a way that the patterns of our language are what dictate the nature of our experience. The very way that we interact with, and react to, the world is completely dependent upon the meaning, usage, structure, and grammar of the language in which we think and communicate.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, if it weren't for the mandatory english course, we would've never learned any these practical skills. Everything is interconnected and even though some things we learn in English may not seem of any consequence but when you learn them you will find that once you stick with it, that knowing about lots of different things allows you to make connections that you would otherwise not have been able to make and allows you to do and create new things.
Alyssag1 - / 3 2  
Jul 6, 2017   #2
Well structured essay. You did a nice job of picking an argument and providing examples to defend the statement. I think it expands well beyond 12th grade english as you have mentioned. We study the english language in school to build a strong foundation that can be build upon in high education and real life experiences. Great job with incorporating quotes into the essay. The quotes and sentences flowed nicely. In order to expand upon the topic you can discuss how language various in different cultures or how it various in different age groups. Perhaps discussing how language has changed from centuries ago to current time.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,686 3494  
Jul 6, 2017   #3
Yoojin, first up, your title is isn't engaging or intriguing enough to catch the reader's attention. You are stating a fact instead of involving the imagination of the reader. A title such as "Language and the Limits of My Mind" would have a better recall and interest effect that your simple statement of the prompt for a title. When you mention Orwell, you need to include the title of the book and a direct quote that can relate to your discussion topic. You cannot use the whole book in general because your current description of language could apply to any language, not necessarily English. After all, your mother tongue has a way of describing the sun, moon, and sky in an equally poetic way. So when you think of English and your defense of the learning through grade 12, think mostly in terms of practical applications such as business opportunities overseas (English being an international language), or overseas educational opportunities (such as studying in the US, Australia, and the UK). Don't limit yourself to just literature and what you can learn from it. By the way, you need to proof read your work. You are missing proper punctuation marks such as "don't" and periods at the end of your sentences, which are marked by capitalized words. Overall, not a bad attempt at writing in English but it is not really applicable to the type of discussion that would justify the need for English learning at a higher level.

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