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Grades help motivate or discourage students to learn?

Naph 9 / 17 6  
May 16, 2015   #1
Some students feel that grades help motivate student to learn. Others feel that grades can discourage students from learning.
I am of the personal opinion that grades help motivate students to learn has far better benefits than learn students without grades, and such an opinion is based on the reasons elaborated on below.

Basically, I believe grades help students in progress, which I suppose can be best illustrated by the student could be right competitive together, it has helped them for higher ability to learn. Another point to consider is, some students have shameful and may be spreading themselves from others. This I suppose can be exemplified by when they were place in the low level from top students then they could not adapt to their friends. Whats more, it has been said that professors could be easily teach them based on their ability, and I cannot but agree with such a statement, a typical instance being all of students do not have same level, so students with top levels was faster learn than low levels students with this information the teachers might be better teach to them.

However, I can also see the merits of use of the grade for students. Frist the of all I think divide students to different group could be best way for correct education to them, as in the case of improve learning, high self-confidence and high efficiency were result this method. In addition, I believe grades might be gives students a sense of accomplishment, for instance they were had more try and more motivate for get upper level or stay in their level.

To sum up many argument, and based on the reasons elaborated, above I would like to reiterate that I believe some students feel that grades help motivate for learning to have for better advantages than education without given grades.

MichaelLi 2 / 1 2  
May 16, 2015   #2
For the first paragraph, you need to give background and paraphrase the topic.

In academic writing, try not use too much I believe, I think etc. using 'there be' is much better. i.e. However, there are certainly benefits of using grade.

Since opinions are given in the topic, then you should paraphrase them and use them as a topic sentence in the body paragraph. Then think about two points to support the argument.

please post full version of the topic. 'to what extent do you agree or disagree' 'what are the advantages and disadvantages' etc
chuoi9 3 / 8 3  
May 18, 2015   #3
Another point to consider is, some students have shameful... adapt to their friends
I think this point is a disadvantage of grades. So you should omit it to support the idea of grading to motivate students.

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