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UK graduate and postgraduate students who did not go into full-time work did after leaving college

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Oct 26, 2017   #1
The charts below show what UK graduate and postgraduate students who did not go into full-time work did after leaving college in 2008.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, make comparisons where relevant.

unemployed and educated people

The bar charts illustrate numbers of pupils who did not get a full-time work after Bachelor degree and Master degree in the UK at 2008. The charts have 4 categories; namely: part-time work, voluntary work, further study, and employment.

It seems that 29665 of students continues their study after bachelor degree, which is the highest number. After that, there is part-time work and unemployment that are fairly close with respectively, 17735 and 16235. The least amount of students did voluntary work with a number of 3500.

By the look at the second chart, we can find out that the highest numbers of students prefer to continue their study after Master degree. There are 2725 pupils in that category. After that, there is part-time work with 2535, unemployment with 1625 and voluntary work with 345.

Overall, the trends of how students behave after bachelor degree and Master degree did not change much. In both cases, further study has the first place and voluntary works have the last place. however, it shows that amount of students who did part-time work raised when students finish Master degree. Nevertheless, the part-time work still remained in the second place in both situations. Same as unemployment which is in the third place in both cases.

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I've always been confused about the meaning of undergraduate/graduate/postgraduate. In this essay, I counted Bachelor degree as graduate and Master Degree as postgraduate. Can somebody clarify that for me once for all? (google search doesn't help either) thanks in advance.

Hiwi_Life 9 / 28 6  
Oct 27, 2017   #2
Regarding your question, the word graduate is used for a person who had completed his/her study; it can be bachelor, Master or even a highschool graduate. undergraduate is for first degree or its bachelor and postgraduate is for person who already has first degree and doing advanced study or Master.

And about your essay; you try to start by paraphrasing the question and you continue with detail and try to summarize it which is a good approach but check your grammar and also spelling errors.
TJLuschen - / 241 203  
Oct 27, 2017   #3
Here in the US, an undergraduate is someone still in college who is pursuing their Bachelors degree. A graduate usually refers to someone who has gotten their Bachelors degree, while a graduate student or postgraduate is someone with a Bachelors degree who is studying for a more advanced degree. Of course, this chart is for the UK, which I guess has different terminology. Your interpretation makes sense to me.
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Oct 28, 2017   #4
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