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Grammar and sentence structure help for a report 'Strategic Directions for tourism'

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May 5, 2011   #1
Hello, there!

I'm Sia, and I want to ask grammar and sentence structure help for report, today.
My first language is not English, so that it is quite difficult to write without grammar errors and found those errors, especially articles.

This report is based on scenario about the rural town, Nary.
The title of this report is 'Strategic Directions for Nary'

Thank you so much,


As a tourist centre, Nary has been fast-growing in every domain with its attractions. The economic value of Nary tourism has begun to be esteemed in last few decades. The Ilsan Regional Tourism Authority (IRTA) commissioned this report to assess the current state and value of tourism and suggest future direction for tourism in and around Nary from various perspectives. In particular, there are arguments over the new regional hospital, and it is also the main content of this report. This report is based on interviews with Nary locals and resources from the organizations of Nary. Four core research issues are considered: current state of Nary; Nary as a tourist centre; effects of the new hospital on Nary; strategic solutions. It is concluded that as important as the new regional hospital for Nary is the issue of preserving the beautiful environment. Recommendations are provided regarding the importance of environment and sustainable tourism in and around Nary: eco-friendly regional events; Eco-Tourism; organic farm experience; environmental adventure activities.


The CEO of the IRTA, Eunhae Kang, stated Nary Landcare to research and write a report about tourism in and around Nary. This report aims to assess current state and examine how Nary has become a tourist centre. It will suggest recommendations that help Nary's tourism to thrive in the future. This report is based on sources such as regional newspapers and reports or documents from organizations in Nary.

Nary is a fast-growing town famous for home of the TV series, City Stresses Country Pleasures. Nary has a long history since the 1850s, the age of gold rush. With World Wars, the populations were increased. It was small and static town which is based on farming. In 1998, the TV show, City Stresses Country Pleasures, changed everything in Nary. Thanks to the TV show, Nary has become a tourist centre, and its economy has been developed. Now, it has doubled its population in five years with approximately 19000 people. With the increasing populations, Nary has faced with the challenges for the new generation. Nary needs new infrastructures, especially new hospitals. As well as, it needs to be prepared for its future for the locals.

Although Nary was only small rural town in the past, the TV show helped Nary to become a tourist centre. According to the director, Min Han, Nary was one of the small rural towns which had attractive best-kept secrets. It was an unspoiled pastoral location for her. So that she decided to shoot the scenery of Nary and surroundings as a TV show, and it was successful. The TV show is based on Nary, and it has been broadcast since 1998. After this, there has been an enormous number of people come to enjoy their vacations or live in Nary. There are some reasons how the show TV describe Nary and attract people. First, it described calm and relaxing rural life which people long for. Secondly, it presented beautiful scenery in and around Nary. Thirdly, it showed unknown historical, tourist or environmental attractions in Nary such as the graveyard, old heritages, the Nary plateau, and Grassland.

According to the proposed plan for the new hospital, it will be situated in the graveyard. This is an important environmental site in Nary, especially for the ecosystem. It will affect on the graveyard and the ecosystem negatively.

According to the Environment Survey Report(Kim 2008), the Nary graveyard is important to its environment for the following reasons: it is next to the Nary's Plateau, grasslands and wetlands essential habitats for a variety of flora and fauna; one of the endangered communities, Western Plains Grasslands, is also situated next to the graveyard; it provides habitats for endangered animals; the growling grass frog, the southern lined earless dragon, the striped legless lizard, and the plains wanderer.

The construction of new regional hospital in the graveyard affects the ecosystem of Nary directly. It will destroy the habitat of the growling grass frog. Then, population of frogs will decrease, and it will affect on other species in other regions such as Plateau, grasslands and wetlands. Finally, the whole ecosystem of Bibly will be definitely destroyed with the broken food chain.

Due to the new hospital, the ecosystem will be destroyed, then, Nary's beautiful scenery will also be destroyed. It means that many visitors who were interested in Nary's environmental charms will not come anymore. Finally, Nary's tourism will decrease, and it will also negatively affect its regional economy.

Many visitors come to Nary because of its beautiful scenery on the TV show. Eco-tourism, to preserve its beautiful environments, is good for not only people but also endangered animals in Nary. This tourism does not limited close region to Nary.

There are numerous farmers in Nary and they have been involved in organic farming in recent decades. If they allow visitors to experience organic lives in organic farms and farmers, it would be one of the tourist attractions. This could also help farmers who always face a lack of labor.

To conclude, as a tourist centre, Nary has been fast-growing. In this sense, a regional hospital is necessary for the town, but it is much more important to preserve Nary's beautiful environment not only for local community and visitors, but also for the regional economy and tourism. Much discussion about the new regional hospital and its proposed location are needed.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
May 6, 2011   #2
Nary is a fast-growing town famous as home of the TV series City Stresses Country Pleasures.

It was a small and...

As well a Additionally, it needs to be prepared for its future for the locals.

Due to the new hospital, the ecosystems will be destroyed and Nary's beautiful scenery will also be destroyed.

You write very well! You write well even for someone who has spoken English since childhood. Really, you should feel confident, because you have a real talent for this. Many people have some grammar problems here and there. We all do. But very few people have an elegent, flowing style like yours.
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May 6, 2011   #3
There are some reasons how the TV shows describes Nary and how to attract people.
I am not sure if I corrected it right or wrong. So, just think about this sentence just in case.
There are numerous farmers in Nary, and they have been involved in organic farming in recent decades.
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May 6, 2011   #4
Thanks a lot, EF_Kevin, and zessays!!!

I'm pleased with your reply,EF_Kevin, and I will practice more and more with confidence!!!

Zessays, I'll consider your suggestion, thank you!


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