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My grandfather is my hero; 'he was kind to his neighbors and homeless people'

2writebetter 11 / 4  
Jul 10, 2008   #1
Some people idolize their heroes as someone either famous or extraordinary. These heroes' names can be found in many books and literatures for future generations to admire and learn from. Unlike some people, my hero is a very simple man and is unknown to most people. My grandfather is my hero. I learned three wonderful qualities from just spending time with him; he taught me kindness, fairness, and caring.

Firstly, he was kind to his neighbors and homeless people. My grandfather struggled to make ends meet all his life, but he never hesitated to give meals to homeless people who knocked on his door. He often said, "Giving a meal to a homeless person does not make you poorer or richer, but it makes you feel good." He tried to help his neighbors as much as he could. He often either let them borrow his tools or gave them a hand.

Secondly, he taught me fairness. I was about seven years old when he came to visit for the first time. After learning that all house chores belong to the girls and not the boys, he told my mom that she should treat all kids equally. He suggested that everyone should pitch in to help out regardless. Although my parents ignored his suggestion, I admired him for speaking up for my older sister and me.

Lastly, he cared about his grandkids a great deal. My grandfather spent all his time with his grandkids during his visit. He often brought homemade cookies to share with all of us. With seven kids, my mom only had time for my two youngest siblings. My dad spent most of his time traveling for his job. As a result, I felt like I spent more quality time with my grandfather than with my parents. My grandfather took the time to answer many of my questions and comforted me when I was scared. He made me feel good for just being me.

In short, my grandfather is my hero. Through his way of living, he taught me to be kind to others, to stand up for fairness, and to care for love ones. Although he passed away many years ago, he has always been in my heart.

EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Jul 10, 2008   #2
You were very lucky to have such a loving grandfather; he was also very lucky to have you. Your essay is very good; just a couple of mechanical errors, but it is very organized and you transition from one point to the next very fluidly. You've done a good job here.
OP 2writebetter 11 / 4  
Jul 11, 2008   #3
Once again, my many thanks to you for your help. Hope you have a great and relax weekend.

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