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Writing TASK1- The graph below gives information about car ownership in Britain from 1971 to 2007

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Oct 12, 2020   #1

the Percentage of uk citizens who had a car

The line graph shows the proportion of people who owned cars in the United Kingdom between 1971 and 2007.

To summarized, people who had two cars rose gradually over a period of 36 years but people who didn't have any car declined steadily although it was the most common category at the first time.

In 1971, a significant changed we can see is that a downward trend in the people who didn't own a car, which is nearly half, but dropped by 20% in the final years. By 2007, around 10% of the amount of populations that had two cars increased considerately over a quarter.

British who had one car were over 40% from the first and remained stable from 1971 to 2007. There were the less people who owned three or more cars in the beginning, in spite of it climbed, which is mere 2%. In contrast, nearly 50% of the proportion of people didn't own any car in 1971.


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Oct 12, 2020   #2
Use the present time frame reference for this essay since you are summarizing (not summarized) the report at the present moment, not in the past. You have not summarized it yet. You are just about to summarize the report for your essay. Review your tense usage rules and practice writing in various time frames to make sure you do not make this mistake again.

All of your sentences do not follow the required 3-5 sentence format. These run-on sentences are what will cause the failure of your essay. You have limited your scoring potential in the GRA score to a non-passing one because you chose to not highlight your writing ability as you should have using the GRA requirements such as various punctuation marks along with simple and complex sentence presentations.

Since this is your first time writing this type of essay, I hope that you can review the other Task 1 essays here so that you will learn how to improve your own work based on the mistakes other people made. You should find that by reading advice given to others, you will be able to improve your work and avoid the same errors which would have caused you problems with your final score.

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