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Ielts graph about gold sales in Dubai during the year of 2002

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Nov 7, 2021   #1

The gold sales in Dubai

The line graph shows gold sales in Dubai during 2002. It's clear that the Dubai gold sales fluctuated throughout the year. As it is presented in the graph, the highest sales were in March while the lowest peak of the gold sales was in July and September.

As it is evident from the graph, 200 million of dirhams in January is a starting point. After that, the gold sales started to grow slightly, then reached the highest point in March about 350 million of dirhams. Ever since, it fell from 350 million in March to 120 million in July. However, there was a rise in 80 million in August that dropped in September. Then, the sales amount increased in October and continued to grow gradually to 200 million of dirhams in December. The figures remained unchanged in October and November and reached almost the same point as in the beginning of year about 200 million in December.

In conclusion, March, July, and September are months when the gold sales achieved the highest and the lowest points. But the sales remained stable from October to December.

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Nov 8, 2021   #2
The currency of sales needs to be mentioned in the summary overview. As the writer, you need to let the reader know early on that the U. S. dollar is not the currency consideration in use. The reader needs to know that the U.S. dollar is not the default currency as that is the automatic assumption of international readers. It also better prepares the reader for the mention of Dinhams later on. By the way, being an official currency, Dinham is a proper noun that should be capitalized when used as a value reference.

rise in 80 million

rise TO 80...

that dropped in September.

To what value? You may provide an estimate for this. Avoid general statements when the image allows for a value estimation.

In conclusion,

Task 1 essays do not need a conclusion because this is a report analysis rather than an opinion essay.

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