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The graph presents information about comparison of spending on petrol between people in the UK & USA

US and British income proportion intended for the petrol spendings

The graph presents information about comparisson of spending on petrol between people in the United States and United Kingdom which is based on income. It is noticeable that in United Kingdom, the number of income determine the proportion of petrol spending. Conversely, in United State, wealthier people append less budget on petrol than poorer people.

Looking at the graph, the poorest people in United States spent more than 5 % of their budget for petrol which is twice than proportion of income than poorest people in UK spend on petrol. On the other hand, middle class in UK spend 3,5 % of their income on petrol which is 1 % lower than proportion of spending for petrol by middle class in United States. People with the highest income also follow similar pattern, while the rich people in UK spent 3,5 % of their expenditure, the wealthiest people in US only spent 2,5 % of their expenditure on petrol. It means that higher income in UK leads to higher spent on petrol. Meanwhile, higher income in United States leads to lower spent on petrol.

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