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The graph below shows the percentage of people in the different age group who went to the cinema

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Sep 28, 2021   #1

uk data on attending cinema by age

The line chart compares the share of four age groups attending cinema once a month in Great Britain from 1984 to 2000.

Overall, apart from the 7-14-year-old group, three other ones experienced a vast escalation during the 17-year period. Additionally, people whose ages range between 15 and 24 took up the highest proportion, while the opposite was true for the middle-aged group.

Commencing at about 18% in 1984, a massive growth was seen in the percentage of 15-24-year-old individuals, reaching its highest peak of approximately 60% in 2000. Likewise, the figure for people who are 35 or older rose gradually, from roughly 0% to relatively 15%.

The 1984-2000 period witnessed a slight fluctuation in the data of adults aging 25-35, starting at about 5% then soared up by approximately 20% 10 years later, followed by a mild oscillation but rose to more than 30% in the last year. In contrast, the youngest age group experienced a record of 10% in the beginning, after which it climbed to its peak of around 38% yet fell to reach the same figure as the second-oldest one.

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Sep 29, 2021   #2
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