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IELTS Writing Task 1 The graph shows the value in US dollars (in millions of dollars) of investment

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money spent on different indexes in the Usa

1) IELTS Writing Task 1 ngày 19/03/2022
The graph shows the value in US dollars (in millions of dollars) of investment in funds of four categories from 1988 to 2014.

Illustrated in the line graph are figures for how many dollars were spent on the four different indexes in the United States within a timespan of 26 years, commencing from 1988.

As can be inferred from the graph, an enormous upward trend was seen in all groups. In addition, there was an adjustment in American investors' policy in the allocation of funds into property and company shares. Another key feature is that gold was purchased in the hope of making a profit the most.

At the outset of the survey, precisely 100 million dollars was allotted to gold, and the highest portfolios that year. Before reaching a peak of 450 million bucks in 2012 and falling back to about 375 million local currencies one year later, investment funds in gold hit a low of nearly 50 million dollars in 1992. Although funds for fine art also recorded a noticeable rise of around 350 million USD, it experienced more fluctuations than gold's figures.

In 1998, the lowest amount of money was expended on company shares, hovering around 50 million dollars. This figure increased continuously to 250 million USD by 2014. In contrast, while put in marginally higher than company shares, 50 million bucks, the property received the least of dollars in 2014 and replaced the least-interested position of company shares even though it also grew constantly to nearly 200 million USD.
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The summary overview is best presented over 2 sentences or more. The sentences must separately indicate the following data:

- Image type + topic
- Measurement method + time period (with beginning and end date)
- Measurement basis (type of people/items/services )

The sentences must contain separate representations to help meet accuracy, cohesiveness, coherence, and grammar preliminary scoring needs. Run-on sentences such as the one above tend to receive less scores due to the confusing information sharing format. Sentences need one target subject only in the summary aspect.

The writer is mentioning the results of a survey but made no mention of such a basis early on. The writer confused the graph with a survey most likely because a survey measurement is commonly presented in graph mode. However, not all graphs represent surveys. The measurement basis should be clear in the summary.

Avoid inferring anything as there is no assurance that animage is provided to the reader. It is best to never ask the reader, even in implied forum, to consult an image. Creating an imaginative report works best in these essays.

The tone of the report is proper. I can assume that the target audience are economists who will be informed, albeit in a simpler manner than they are used to. It is professional and academic in presentation even as some English grammar exists, these do not pose severe reader understanding problems within the presentation.

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