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Most grateful if you could comment on my ietls essay

opheophe 2 / 1  
Dec 4, 2018   #1
Some people think that the media(newspapers)have the right to publish details of people's privaye life, while other's think it should be controlled? Discuss both views

It is true that these days more and more people's personal life have been placed in newspaper with the popularity of smart phone which is facilitate the users to take photos and video filming. Some people support that they are legitimate to do it in terms of public safety. Nonetheless, due to the privacy issues, other people think that the press should be regulated. In my opinion, it is a dilemma to balance between public safety and privacy issues.

First of all, it is an effective way to prevent people from committing criminals because of getting exposure in newspapers means people's behaviors have been monitored. Thanks to posting the offenders' criminals in the print media, people will be alerted and obey the law and therefore the public will self-disciplined. For the sake of raising the awareness of public safety, people, especially offenders' private life shall be disclosed to the public.

In spite of the above argument, this action will interfere people's human rights which include privacy issues. Privacy issues have long been a concern for a civilized society. With a view to protecting this basic and vital human right, government has set up authorities and established the law to avoid revealing people's personal information such as personal privacy ordinance and privacy commissioner. Thus, this action should be regulated in terms of respecting human rights.

In conclusion, it sounds a bit cliché that coin has two sides, however, it is true that circulating people's private life not only cease criminals but also threaten other's human rights. In my view, before judging whether these actions violate the law, government should figure out the reasons behind and the outcome of the news reports.

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