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A Great Elephant Was Defeated By an Ingenious Ant Once upon a time, in the jungle forest, lived ass

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Sep 21, 2016   #1
A Great Elephant Was Defeated By an Ingenious Ant

Once upon a time, in the jungle forest, lived assortment of animals, from the smallest as ants and the biggest animals like Elephant. The elephant was so arrogant, he felt the most powerful, due to the fact that he had ever defeated a tiger with his long trunk, the tiger lifted to the high and slammed on the ground. Wherefore the tiger has been defeated, so an elephant claimed to be sovereign in the jungle. Nowadays, afterwards, king of the jungle's role has been replaced by an arrogant elephant.

The elephant more and more felt very great and cocky, underestimated others, belonging the ant. As far as the ant defying him, and he takes the challenges. They immediately enter the battle areas, Ant trampled by elephant, nevertheless, the ant is dodgy and courageous, he found an elephant's weaknesses in his big and wide ears. The ant was get into the ears hole, slowly. The ant began to ate the contents of elephant ears, the elephant began to feel pain, his huge body roll around on the ground for resisting the pain. The elephant had tried to remove the ant out of his ears. Nonetheless, his efforts nothing.

'Mercy.... Ants! I plead guilty.' The elephant is Scream out. The elephant began to gave up.
Heard elephant's cries, the ant felt pity, and the ant out of the ears canal.
'Therefore, you should not be arrogant. You are the biggest, but there is more than you. Now, you are strong. But, there is stronger than you. The labor force is not always able to help you. However, intelligence is always on top of everything', he said.

The elephant only silences, he felt very embarrassed. Other animals only witness the defeated of elephant and cheering up. One of the animals who watched the fight, comments:

'Therefore, you should not underestimate other animals, even Ants very small. However, Ants is a hero could defeat the arrogance and pride.'

The moral of the Beast Fairy Tale: As great as us, there is always other people who have higher skills than us. The advantages, we have do not make us arrogant and forget yourself. Precisely, must be humble and grateful.

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Sep 22, 2016   #2
Hi San, I believe this is my first review for your work and with that, I would like to WELCOME you to the Essay Forum Team, we aim at providing you with the most accurate and relevant feedback that will help you get more confident in submitting your essay.

Now, as I read along, I can't help but get engrossed with the story, indeed, learning is a process and its a very long one, I believe a lifetime is not even enough for us to learn everything about life. Life is a constant act of learning, a constant act of question and answer from all sorts of people from different walks of life.

Moreover, what is also good in your writing is the fact that, you pay attention to the minute details of writing, such as punctuation marks, spacing and the words that you incorporate in your essay are also very easy to comprehend. Overall, the one that stands the most is the take out lesson of the story, this means that you as a writer did understand and learned from the writing yourself. I wish to review more of your essays very soon.

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